The 5 reasons why Retromóvil Madrid 2023 has been a great edition

The Madrid show has closed its doors with good numbers and, above all, with an almost unprecedented exhibition in our country.

This past weekend Retromóvil Madrid 2023 has been held, the leading show in the collector vehicle sector that, from what we have seen, still has a future. No matter how much there are those who insist that these types of fairs are doomed to disappear, it will never be the same to enjoy the SEAT 124 -2100 Group 5 in photos than live; either taste a Iso Grifo live than through images printed or online. Not to mention the smells, so important in our hobby.

Furthermore, the possibility of meeting friends and well-known fellow fans It is priceless. In fact, there are people we see from room to room, one more reason to continue attending these types of events. On this occasion, and to depart a little from the typical chronicle, I have selected five reasons why I think this edition, number 20, of Retromóvil has been a success. Of course, we will also talk about an aspect to improve and an idea that could be useful for years to come.


After 20 years of regularly attending different exhibitions throughout Spain and also abroad, I have to say that the exhibition at Retromóvil Madrid 2023 was remarkable. Let's look at several examples, starting with the two SEAT 124 Group 5 that existed, including the one preserved by Antonio Zanini himself with its patina and unrestored. What to say about dodge spear, a 100% national sport from the ingenuity of Pablo Lanza that was exhibited for the first time in 50 years.

Let's continue: we were able to enjoy a majestic collection of four Aston Martin to celebrate the brand's anniversary, which included a DB2/4 that we fell in love with, or a set of Porsche which one better than the previous one. Almost by surprise, you found a Lamborghini Diablo, or a magnificent ISO Tap in contest status. All together with an impressive De Tomaso Pantera competition in restoration that made your hair stand on end and a beautiful Mongoose no declared price.

Of course, I don't forget Dodge Boulevard MM30, one of the show's stars, who came rolling from Barcelona. Furthermore, in the classics concentration it was possible to enjoy the unit we already tested in LA ESCUDERÍA a few months ago. By the way, in our stand, which we set up with Taller Marcos, we exhibited the SEAT 1400 Sport Cabriolet by Serra which aroused enormous interest. There were not several missing Ferrari, nor the space of Veteran Car Club of Spain, which put an antique note to an exhibition with more modern automobiles in general. It is the law of life that this becomes the norm.

The Eduardo Barreiros Foundation also had several Dodges in its exhibition, while Several Alfa Quadrifoglios delighted Italian car fans. In my opinion, the absence of the concours d'elegance, which normally grouped many good cars in a very small space, has served to make the show more accessible to the public, so that it was easier to see all the cars. Yes, we miss some more industrialists, although at least the truck was there. Pegasus from the Club stand 1430, 124, 124 Sport. There was also a bus and another fire truck.


Sources from the organization confirmed to us first thing on Saturday that their forecasts were very optimistic based on the advance sales they had had. On Friday there was already a lot of attendance, at first glance, more than the previous year, but the fact is that On Saturday there was no room for a soul. There were lines to get in and you could barely walk through the hallways, something that lasted practically until closing time at 8 pm.

Also on Sunday there was a very good influx of fans, completing a great weekend in this regard that denies that there is no interest in this type of events. At the time of closing these lines, Motor Events confirmed to us that up to 30.000 attendees have passed through pavilion 3 of IFEMA throughout the three days of the show, figures that confirm the desire we had to enjoy our common love of collectible vehicles.

Finally, before continuing, a slap on the wrist. It is inconceivable at this point in the film There are still attendees who are dedicated to touching the cars on display, that they lean and sit on them and that they treat the material on the stands with so little respect. They show a total lack of sensitivity and, mainly, of education that continues to surprise me.


This year, The capacity of the classic car park has been increased, which has resulted in a notable growth in the number of fans who have traveled with their own car. This has also allowed clubs to group together much more easily, which is always appreciated. This exhibition parallel to the show and which can be visited for free, became another of Retromóvil's poles of attraction.

The aforementioned club concentrations deserve special mention, which included those of Porsche, Dodge and others. Without a doubt, the perfect excuse to go to the lounge and get together with friends and club mates. Total, There were hundreds of cars that gathered in the classic parking lot, especially on Saturday, where the capacity was almost full.


Another exhibition that generates enormous interest is the sale and purchase between individuals, which is grouped at the back of the pavilion in the so-called Corral Garaje. This year we can only congratulate ourselves for variety of models for sale and, of course, their general appearance. Motor Events insists a lot on this section, and the cars for sale must be in a good state of conservation.

It is noticeable that the market trend in general, not only in the classic market, is towards large cars, so off-road models are gaining increasing interest, especially Land Rovers. Likewise, American cars have practically disappeared from this type of space, in which English cars are also losing prominence, giving it over to the German cars of the 80s, especially BMW.

One of the sections that should be worked on a little is the prices, because most of the cars for sale had rates that were out of all logic. In this way, instead of encouraging business, what is caused is just the opposite, as potential buyers are scared away. And the excuse that you have to pay to take the vehicles does not work, since the price charged is almost symbolic. Without a doubt, it is something that should be worked on in the future. By the way, I leave an idea here, why not do the same with the spare parts? That is, give in space at a good price for collectors and private resellers to carry their “junk”. It would be a good way to add variety to the parts, automotive and collecting area.


Among the different activities planned by the organization, a whole series of conferences linked to different anniversaries around our hobby. In this regard, it is worth noting the great interest that all of them aroused, starting with Pablo Murillo presenting his book SEAT 600 Special Bodies. What can we say about the presence on stage of names such as Luis Pérez-Sala, Luis Villamil, Carlos Sedano and Rafael Barrios speaking about their experiences with Alfa Romeo.

Forum Events Motor

Saturday afternoon it was time for the conference on 70th anniversary of the first FASA Renault left the factory and the 125th anniversary of the brand, by Carmen Jiménez Alfaro and Esther M. Sánchez. Next, there was a round table with the presence of Mariluz Barreiros and moderated by Pablo Gimeno Valledor on the Dodge history in Spain. Suffice it to say that in these last two, many people had to remain standing when the capacity was full. On Sunday, there was also a talk dedicated to the 125th anniversary of BMW motorcycles.

In summary, a great edition of Retromóvil in which the organization has made every effort to offer original content and exhibitions. What's more, I speak from memory, but not a single one of the cars on display was repeating the year 2022. Long live the classic salons.

Photographs by Unai Ona and Carlos Castillo.

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

I am lucky to have turned my passion into my way of earning a living. Since I left the Faculty of Information Sciences in 2004, I have been professionally dedicated to motor journalism. I started in the magazine Coches Clásicos in its beginnings, going on to direct it in 2012, the year in which I also took charge of Clásicos Populares. Throughout these almost two decades of my professional career, I have worked in all types of media, including magazines, radio, the web and television, always in formats and programs related to the engine. I am crazy about the classics, Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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