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Only two weeks until the celebration of ClassicMadrid 2024: all the news

The International Classic Vehicle Show will be held again in the Crystal Pavilion of the Casa de Campo on February 23 to 25.

ClassicMadrid 2024 is already warming up facing a new edition that, as it could not be otherwise, will take place again in the Crystal Pavilion of the Casa de Campo. During the three days of the show's celebration, from 23 to 25 for February, fans will meet again and enjoy the fans, while savoring the exquisite menu that Expo Motor Events has prepared.

In the almost 20.000 square meters of exhibition, you can enjoy the more than 150 exhibitors who will attend the Madrid show. Among them, the most important specialists in the sector, such as Coupe-Pueche, RetroSport, Garage, AF Vans, Victorino, Juan Lumbreras, Iván Cirre or MG Motos Clásicas. All of them are a guarantee that there will be top-notch pieces brands such as Hispanic-Suiza, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, MG, Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin.


There will also be no shortage of popular classics, on which the majority of the fans are based. Therefore, The clubs will have their own space to do what they know best: promote the historical heritage that their associates carefully care for and pamper. In total, the participation of fifteen associations is expected to give a good account of their activities and show off the best units of their models. The commercial exhibition dedicated to automotive companies and professionals It will be concentrated on the mezzanine and ground floor of the Crystal Pavilion. There will be stalls selling accessories, spare parts, pieces, books and publications, miniatures, accessories, vintage objects, services, etc.


It is a classic that will not be missed at your appointment either. In this case, the Contest of Elegance will be dedicated to two-seater convertible sports cars manufactured before December 31, 1979. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to see a dozen iconic models brought together.

How iconic is the exclusive NEROX Bugatti 16 cylinders from 1931 which for the first time will be exhibited to the public in Spain. Recently restored, its origin is closely linked to the firm's Catalan distributor, Bertrand i Serra. This fantastic collector's piece is part of the presentation of the book “Bugatti in Spain”, whose authors are Alex Verges and Salvador Claret.

The two wheels will also have their role, with the Motorcycle Restoration Contest, which is open to the participation of any fan. In addition, you can enjoy various exhibitions on Grand Prix mounts, Paris-Dakar champions and cross. We are talking about such special units as a Triumph Rob North from 1971, a Matchless G50 from 1962, an Anvian 250 from the early 80s or a Simonini 250 Mx from 1976. The finale will be the exhibition of Legend Helmets belonging to champion and world championship drivers sponsored by the Boutique Motor company on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.


The institutional setting of Expo Motor Events will be one of the centers of interest at ClassicMadrid 2024, as is usually the case. Tribute will be paid to journalists Jaime Sornosa and Arturo de Andrés, who have stood out for their professional careers linked to the motor world. In this same scenario, the Raid AutoClassic City of Alcañiz. This classic regularity raid for vehicles over 25 years old will be held from April 5 to 7 along various routes in the Bajo Aragón region.

Furthermore, the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles will present its Notebook No. 2 dedicated to the Terramar Autodrome on the occasion of its centenary (1923 – 2023). Also the first of them dedicated to the National-Pescara automobile firm, created in Barcelona at the end of the 20s of the last century.

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For their part, the Don Rodrigo Foundation of military history, the Municipal Fire Department of Madrid, the Civil Guard, the National Police - which this year celebrates its bicentennial - the EMT and the SAMUR will participate this year in ClassicMadrid with exhibitions of various units of its historical fleet. There will be a space called Art and Motor dedicated to the plastic arts. They will also not miss the Car Garage for the purchase and sale of classic vehicles between individuals, nor the area of ​​​​competitive automobiles. RacingAuto.


A more edition, the International Classic Vehicle Show It will open its doors from 10:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. both on Friday, February 23, and Saturday, February 24.. On Sunday the 25th, this schedule is slightly shortened, as you can enjoy the great classic motor festival between 10 a.m. and 17 p.m.

Regarding the tickets, These can be purchased now at Ticket Finder, so that we will avoid the hassle of waiting in lines at the pavilion ticket offices. Prices remain unchanged compared to 2023, i.e. It will be 15 euros per attendee. Additionally, children up to 12 years old will enter for free.

How to go to Classic Madrid in Classic

Furthermore, and as we already told you in LA ESCUDERÍA, It will be possible to access with our classic car as long as it is registered as historical or registered in Madrid capital.

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