Chronicle of Retro Málaga 2024: repeating in popularity

The 11th Edition of the Retro Málaga classic car show has concluded with good attendance data and many new features compared to previous years.

Motor Events has inaugurated the 2024 calendar of great events dedicated to classic cars in style. A first annual event that many fans have been able to cross off their agenda with satisfaction in an edition that has had a great reception, with more than 15.000 attendees during the weekend arrived from all over Spain. 

Retro Málaga 2024 has demonstrated again in this eleventh edition that the love of vintage vehicles is especially alive in Andalusia, with an especially young audience, which shows that the generational change in this world is a reality. 


As usually happens in this type of fair, various organizations, official organizations and museums have their own stand at the event. The Automobile and Fashion Museum of Malaga welcomed visitors at the entrance with a selection of three cars from very different periods and very diverse in style, with a revolutionary Czechoslovakian Tatra from the 30s, a Jaguar from the 50s, and a Cadillac from the 70s. For those who were more eager for cars after the event, there was the possibility of visiting this essential museum for classic car lovers through a joint ticket.  

The Malaga Airport Museum is another regular entity at the event which seeks to publicize this enriching space in which the history of tourism on the Costa del Sol is told through various elements of the 20th century, in which cars, trucks and motorcycles have an important weight. By the way, it is worth mentioning that Admission to this one is free. 

Various clubs, located mainly in Andalusia, also had their space at Retro Málaga 2024. To highlight some pieces on display, there is Jorge Sierra's Citroën 2CV with which he has traveled around the world, or the stand that celebrated 40 years of the successful SEAT Ibiza, which had three pristine units of the model. 

Other national clubs such as Renault 12 and Renault 18 were also present, and The SEAT 124/1430 Club announced its next national concentration which will take place precisely in the city of Malaga on September 23 and 24.


One of the centerpieces of many of these fairs is the concours d'elegance in which owners show off their automotive finest. Retro Málaga has premiered in 2024 with this type of contest and everything indicates that it will become a tradition soon. 

Within the contest there were three categories. The first of them was pre-war, with an impressive 1938 Packard Eight as winner, a Ford A Pickup in second place and a 1939 Buick Eight third. 

As for the post-war classics, the award went to a 220 Mercedes 1960 convertible, with a 3000 Austin Healey 1965 second, and 1949 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith in third place. 

As far as post-1970 classics go, the first was a 930 Porsche 1984 Turbo, SEAT 124 Sport from 1974 the second and Mercedes 500 SL with W107 body from 1985 the third.


Much of the focus at these fairs goes to the owners of classic cars who decide to attend the meeting on their mount. The peculiarity of Retro Málaga 2024 with respect to other events is that many of the vehicles are displayed indoors, and although the space dedicated to these is large, it usually fills up quickly. 

But outside there is still plenty of room for the large number of cars that pass through the fair. The parking leaves no one indifferent with a good variety of models and brands, and the particularity that the Costa del Sol brings that means that many vehicles come from other countries along with their foreign owners. 

In short, the 2024 edition will be remembered by the fans as a great event for which we will have to wait another year to repeat, while Motor Events is already beginning preparations for the Retro Galicia in Vigo, dated February 17 and 18.

Photographs: Javier Ramiro 

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Written by Javillac

This thing about cars comes to one since childhood. When other kids preferred the bicycle or the ball, I kept the toy cars.
I still remember as if it were yesterday a day when a black 1500 overtook us on the A2, or the first time I saw a Citroën DS parked on the street, I have always liked chrome bumpers.

In general, I like things from before the time I was born (some say I'm reincarnated), and at the top of that list are cars, which, together with music, make the ideal combination for a perfect time: driving and a soundtrack according to the corresponding car.

As for cars, I like classics of any nationality and era, but my weakness is American cars from the 50s, with their exaggerated shapes and dimensions, which is why many people know me as "Javillac".

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