When dreams come true: Ferrari F40

Car lovers have always wanted to own the car of our dreams but unfortunately there are quite a few drawbacks that are linked to this idea, today especially economic. Many times the solution is to get a thumbnail to be one step closer to achieving it ...

It is the case of the Italian pilot Mirko Venturi, to whom in this impressive video de Kidston SA -consulting for the sale of classics- we can observe flying at the controls of a Ferrari F40, certainly a dream come true.

El Ferrari F40 It is a supercar that we all know or have heard of: On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the brand's founding, Enzo Ferrari ordered to develop a GT car with racing specifications but for use on the open road. Ultimately it would become the last racing car approved by Il Commendatore.

The virtues that make this machine a dreamcar Not suitable for the faint of heart are, among others, its 8-liter V3 biturbo engine and 478 hp of power and its low weight of 1.100 kilos, which together with a certainly pointed character have earned it the reputation of dangerous.

Without further delay we leave you with the Ferrari F40 video of the header, in which you will be able to enjoy epic shots, an unmistakable sound and the occasional dangerous cross of Mirko Venturi.

What do you think?

Alejandro Rubio

Written by Alejandro Rubio

My name is Alejandro Rubio and I have a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism. I started working at "La Escudería" in December 2014 and since then a juicy world of old irons has opened up for me ... Who knew I would find so many stories! Especially from BMW. Gas everyone! ... View all


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