Video Rauch & Lang BX7

1917 Rauch & Lang: This Electric, Yeah

The video of this Rauch & Lang is really funny because, speed aside, it almost looks like a current electric car.

Rauch & Lang He was one of the greats of electricity at the beginning of the XNUMXth century. The brand produced some of the most luxurious electric cars in the world that, in their different sizes, offered a range of about 100 kilometers. Christian manz wrote extensively about it in his day.

About two weeks ago a 1917 unit went on sale in Bring a Trailer, specifically a Brougham BX7. Since it is quite difficult to find one -and even less in this state-, the fun is being able to appreciate it live and direct and, above all, in motion. The video that we propose below is really fun because, apart from speed, It almost looks like a current electric.

They are the same sensations: That lack of sound and smoke, that tram ride without friction. This little float is very well made - the quality is excellent - and it has an amazing ease of handling. With its two battery packs in front and in the back, and its rear-wheel drive, it moves easily at around 30 kilometers per hour. The Rauch & Lang They were cars designed for urban and feminine use.

In the end, it's all made up. Pay attention to the controls It couldn't be easier to drive! It's get on and off, in 1917. Finally, don't forget that if you don't know English, YouTube offers the option of subtitles with automatic translation into Spanish.

Photo by Hyman, one of the best dealers Americans.

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