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Video: The incredible 1st lap of Ayrton Senna in Donington 1993 from the inside

For many fans, it is Ayrton Senna's masterpiece. Now, the on-board camera from that legendary 1st lap in the rain at the 1993 European Grand Prix has come to light.

If we did a survey among Formula 1 fans about Ayrton Senna's best moment in the premier class, surely the majority responses would be divided between two options. The first would be the stratospheric pole position at the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix, when he was almost second and a half behind his teammate, the Frenchman Alain Prost.

Although it is probable that the vast majority of fans opted for the anthological first lap in the rain de Ayrton Senna at the Donington Park Circuit in the 1993 European GP. And it is that what was experienced on the English track that April 11 has gone down in the annals of Formula 1 as one of the best first laps ever given.

Let's remember that that year the Williams-Renault FW15C of Alain Prost and Damon Hill still had a colossal advantage over the competition. In fact, Senna qualified fourth for the GP at 1,7 seconds of the pole of Prost. Ahead, he even slipped a young Michael Schumacher who was already beginning to show signs of unusual talent.


The onset of the rain ahead of the race opened a new horizon for Senna, a master on a wet track. When the light turned green, Ayrton Senna's McLaren-Ford MP4/8 skidded excessively and was overtaken even by the Clean by Karl Wendlinger. The Brazilian genius quickly recovered and began a show that will be no less than 30 years old.

Ayrton Senna at Donington Park 1993.
At the start of the Grand Prix, Ayrton Senna fell behind Wendlinger's Sauber. Renault photo.

He passed Wendlinger again to then give an account of Schumacher. A few turns later, the victim was Hill's Williams, although the main course remained. After closing on his archenemy Alain Prost at the chicane on the back straight, he passed him with an inside in the penultimate corner of the circuit. Five overtakings in one lap and an undisputed lead. At the end of the second lap, he was already more than four seconds ahead of Prost. That day, he lapped everyone except Hill, and signed the fastest lap of the race going through the pits...

Now on Twitter A new video of that feat in the rain has come to light that allows us to enjoy it from within the cockpit of the Brazilian's McLaren. With the camera on board, we can see the poor visibility that the pilots faced that day and, above all, the continuous corrections of the Brazilian genius in the water. We leave you enjoying the masterpiece of Ayrton Senna in donington, with a recommendation, turn up the volume of your device.

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

I am lucky to have turned my passion into my way of earning a living. Since I left the Faculty of Information Sciences in 2004, I have been professionally dedicated to motor journalism. I started in the magazine Coches Clásicos in its beginnings, going on to direct it in 2012, the year in which I also took charge of Clásicos Populares. Throughout these almost two decades of my professional career, I have worked in all types of media, including magazines, radio, the web and television, always in formats and programs related to the engine. I am crazy about the classics, Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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