Tractor exhibition at the Salamanca Automotive History Museum

Agricultural exhibition at the Museum of Salamanca


Since last July 1, classic agricultural vehicles have been featured in the offer of the Salamanca Automotive History Museum. The permanent collection of the center has been joined by the exhibition «Classic agricultural automotive» which will remain open until September 15.

The first deputy mayor, Agustín Sánchez de Vega, has presented the exhibition with which it is intended to pay tribute to those men and women of the Salamanca countryside who with their vehicles transformed the countryside, laying the foundations of the prosperous agro-livestock economy of the province of Salamanca. In this sample 15 tractors of different brands are collected and characteristics that attempt to reflect the evolution and advances of the agricultural automotive industry in the middle of the last century.

Likewise, Sánchez de Vega pointed out, the exhibition will serve to recognize the importance of the work carried out by the owners of these vehicles that with tenacity and dedication they have invested time and important financial resources to save and maintain these jewels of the agrarian automotive industry that without this effort would surely have disappeared.

Tractor exhibition at the Salamanca Automotive History Museum

The first deputy mayor has encouraged Salamancans and visitors to get to know this exhibition at a time that is conducive to holding this exhibition since it is common to see in the fields of the province of Salamanca the daily activity of numerous tractors and other agricultural machinery that are they strive to complete the harvesting tasks.

Likewise, he has especially thanked Antonio Santos Fraile for his collaboration and advice in the realization of this exhibition. In addition, he recalled that the temporary exhibition complements the ordinary visit and it does not entail an increase in the price of the ticket.

Vehicles between 90 and 60 years old

The exhibition has classic pieces that are almost ninety years old, such as a classic Fordson model tractor, from 1925 and with metal wheels, which constitutes one of the landmarks of Agricultural Automotive, even vehicles from the 60s.

Ebro tractors contributed to the mechanization of Spanish agriculture (By Ignacio Sáenz de Cámara)
Ebro tractors contributed to the mechanization of Spanish agriculture (By Ignacio Sáenz de Cámara)

There are brands as characteristic of the agricultural environment as Massey-Ferguson, Lanz, Jonh Deere, Fend, Renault, Fiat, Farmall, Mc Cornick, Man or the original Allgaire-Porsche; to which are added other relevant Spanish brands such as Ebro, Sava or Barreiros.

The history of the tractor in Spain is relatively recent, considering the mechanization of the peninsular agriculture as truly late. The fleet of tractors in Spain in the first half of the 1945th century was very scarce. In 59, when the state registry of tractors was created, only 1949 agricultural tractors were registered in all of Spain, but soon the number began to grow and, in 10.000, 30 machines were reached with an average power of less than XNUMX HP.

The number grew dramatically in the 60s, reaching 70 units in the early 300.000s. Currently, 923.100 tractors work in Spain, according to data from the agricultural census.

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