Carice throws a little electric speedster

The Dutch company Carice cars Since last June it has been selling its Mk1 model, a small electric convertible in the image and likeness of the Porsche 356 Speedster. Although it is smaller, its resemblance is evident, and it also strictly follows the philosophy of dispensing with everything unnecessary in order to save as much weight as possible.

In this case, the objective is to optimize the performance of the range of electric motors, whose powers range from 5,5 HP of the Junior version, for people over 16 years of age or people who do not have a driving license, up to 54 equines of the most powerful variant. Taking into account that, among other elements, the tubular steel center beam chassis and the plastic bodywork (I suppose fiberglass) complete a package of only 350 Kg., The latter option is most likely to provide good ones. benefits.

Carice Mk1
Carice Mk1
1- Our little speedster has taken care of the details
2- Nice and basic dashboard, in tune with the rest of the car

Apparently, the range of batteries available allows autonomies of between 70 and 200 kilometers although, as is usually the case with electric cars, it will all depend on how we drive. And since it is not at all pleasant to play dice with the consumption without a plug nearby, and although there are more and more fast recharging points, Carice offers the option of converting its speedster into an extended range vehicle by means of a small engine of internal combustion that will go into operation once the battery power has been depleted.

Apparently, the Mk1 is handmade, and it is expected that this year the production will be only ten units. Regarding its price, it is possible to get this nice ecological convertible for 22.000 euros, which is what the basic version equipped with the 20 hp engine costs before charging the relevant taxes.

Carice Mk1
Uncompromising interiors with adequate seating

Retro interest

For a fan of vintage vehicles, what is truly special about the Carice is its retro appearance, which is quite successful. Although plastic, the bodywork is well proportioned and full of nods to the fifties; on the other hand, the interior is also successful, devoid of anything superfluous, with the metal dashboard and the wooden steering wheel and those seats with old-fashioned side bolsters and glued headrests. It is, without a doubt, an original product.

Finally, this journalist has to sing the mea culpa: I could not get the press information sent by Carice (I suppose they have gone on vacation), so I have resorted to the content published in other media such as "Motorpasión Futuro", "Autoblog", "ABC" or "Mobility Electrical ». When comparing them, one realizes that they differ in certain aspects, so that some of the data offered in this news may not be entirely accurate. If necessary, they will be corrected as soon as you receive the official documentation.


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