Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4

The Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4 launches a new website

One of the oldest and most active clubs in our country has decided to modernize its web portal because, as the saying goes, renew or die.

El Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4 does not stop, whether organizing outings and events or, as in this case, renewing your website. A mandatory update to be able to better promote the club and its activities as they have been doing for decades. El Renault 4/4 It is the sun on which your interests gravitate, so they try to collect all relevant information related directly or indirectly to the model.

Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4

In addition, They work to help and advise each of their more than 600 members when processing subsidies, tax exemption, ITV certificates or in the documentation of Historic Vehicle. They also collaborate with partners who are trying to restore their 4/4 or simply with helpful maintenance advice. Club members also receive benefits such as insurance discounts. by the mere fact of being affiliated. There is also extensive documentation available for all partners.

La history of FASA Renault is another of the club's interests, which includes the conservation of the Renault 4/4 number 00001, the first car of the Renault factory Made in Spain. Let us remember that the Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4 is a member of the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles and is established and registered with the Ministry of the Interior as a National Cultural Association.


We now look back at the Club's new web portal, with a completely renewed, more modern and functional image and, above all, with much simpler navigation. Count with one top menu from which we will access different sections such as Events, Multimedia, Buy-sell, Blog or the club Forum. It has an exclusive private area for members, as well as the mandatory contact form.

In visual appearance it stands out for its cleanliness, combining the white background with a very attractive blue. Also the selection of images is very successful that illustrate and serve to head the different sections of the page. Of course, it has direct access to the different social networks of the Spanish Club of Friends of Renault 4/4.

New Club Renault 4/4 website

We can only end by inviting you to visit the new website and, if you are owners or are interested in the Renault 4/4, to join the Club. They await you with open arms, also in their physical headquarters located at Calle Virgen de Las Viñas number 1, in Madrid, where they will assist you from 16:30 p.m. to 19:30 p.m.

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

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