Now you can go back to the 80s with this fantastic Renault 18 Turbo

Manufactured in FASA, this Renault 18 Turbo reminds us of the beginnings of turbocharging within the national production of passenger cars. Right now it is available on Benzin although the bidding closes in four days, hurry up!

Part of a wide saga of supercharged models, the Renault 18 Turbo It remains one of the most obvious examples of how this technology had a full impact on the French manufacturer's range during the 1982s. Something with an echo in the Spanish production of the moment since it began editing at the FASA back in XNUMX; just two years after its absolute premiere in France.

That said, the best way to understand the charms of this sedan - of which there are a unit available right now at Benzin with bidding closing in four days - will be to go back to 1977. Year in which Renault premiered its supercharged mechanics in F1 by turbocharging, achieving discreet results at first although, in just two years, one of those cars finally won a GP.

And yes, from here on the popularization of the turbocharger was unstoppable, even more so if we take into account the victory of the Alpine A442 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1978. All this in the middle of a technological climbing truly competitive in which - surprisingly - almost all manufacturers abandoned atmospheric mechanics ready to embrace turbocharged ones.

What's more, when in 1981 Ferrari itself blessed this road with the premiere of the 126CK It was perfectly clear how this had come to stay at least for a while. Likewise, in relation to street vehicles, turbocharging responded to the increase in power without having to increase the displacement; This is especially important given the new environmental restrictions as well as the fuel savings inherent to the impact caused by the Oil Crisis.


Presented in 1978, the Renault 18 replaced the Renault 12 with a conservative approach in terms of mechanics although frankly updated in terms of design, habitability and comfort. Thus, the TS version dealt with the most efficient projection of the model at its launch thanks to 80 HP at 5.500 rpm with 121 Nm provided by its 1.647 cc four-cylinder engine.

However, the arrival of the eighties - in which the phenomenon of sports sedans already advocated by Alfa Romeo, Jaguar and BMW would definitively explode - imposed a new top of the range, if not with vigor, at least with more striking features. Something relatively easy to achieve for Renault, which was adding experience in turbochargers ready for their arrival at dealerships.

Thus, In 1980 the Renault 18 range received an update quite striking with the appearance of the Turbo variant. Equipped with an engine drilled up to 1.565 cc, it reached up to 110 HP at 5.000 rpm, still powered by carburetion.

In short, an effective update that, in addition, for advertising purposes surpassed the psychological barrier of 100 HP in an era where this was notable when talking about a model produced in large series by a generalist brand.


Due to the constant evolution of turbocharging at Renault, in 1982 the Renault 18 Turbo received an improvement in its performance thanks to increase the pressure in your supercharging thus reaching up to 125 HP. An increase in power that, fortunately, was accompanied by the adoption of brake discs on the rear axle while enlarging the diameter of those already mounted on the front during the first series.

Likewise, in that same year the Renault 18 Turbo became part of the production in the new FASA plant installed in Villamuriel de Cerrato. A real boost for the national production, which finally had a model with turbocharging and truly striking features compared to the rest of its offer.

With all of it, there unit for sale in Benzin It belongs to the second series as it is from 1983 and, therefore, already with the striking 125 HP. Of course, given that the basis on which this Turbo version was derived is not at all sporty - we are not talking here about the Giulia frame, born for racing even though he was disguised as a saloon-, the power of our protagonist derives more from a family member with speed skills than on a machine ready to link curves.

Being aware of this -power is not the only attribute of a sports car, let us always remember this-, the next person to own this Renault 18 Turbo - with 188.500 kilometers, good general condition and Salamanca registration - will be able to enjoy the charms inherent to the first turbo model in local Spanish production. In short, a popular classic with punch and historical significance.

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

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