Carrero Blanco's Dodge will be exhibited again

In July 2013, that is, exactly one year ago, I published on this same website an article entitled "Carrero Blanco's Dodge, the most controversial car in Spain". The last paragraph of that article read verbatim:

«In November 2002 the Dodge was carefully packed for its transfer from Madrid to Toledo where, according to some sources, it arrived. However, and according to other testimonies, said transfer never took place. After having made some inquiries through consultations with the military, at present it seems that it is inside the same metal frame manufactured for his last trip, in a warehouse that the Ministry of Defense has in Madrid. It has not been shown to the public for more than two decades. Given its undoubted historical value, Do readers think it should be shown again? "

2002: Pack the vehicle during the start of the works at the Army Museum (Photo: Diario ABC Archive)
2002: Pack the vehicle during the start of the works at the Army Museum (Photos: Diario ABC Archive)

Twelve months later, the news has reached me that the vehicle, in effect, still exists and is in Madrid, in the military offices of the capital. By graphic testimonies I have been able to verify that it is inside the metal frame that was built in 2002, and that you can see in the photograph. The Dodge is inside a diaphanous ship, next to the black Marmon type 34A in which another president of the government, Eduardo Dato, was shot dead in 1920.

In response to the request that they have sent me, I cannot give the name of the place where it is located, nor the future location of the Dodge and the Marmon. What does seem clear is that during this month of July both vehicles will be transferred to a new military barracks, in order to be exposed to the public again in the near future.

We will continue to inform.

What do you think?

Written by Albert Ferreras

Alberto Ferreras (Madrid, 1968) developed his professional career in the newspaper El País since 1988, where he worked as a graphic editor and editor of the supplement Motor until January 2011. Graduated in Photography, he was a finalist for the Ortega y Gasset Award of ... Read More


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