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Your car: Transportation and decoration

It may seem crazy, an eccentric detail, or a fantastic idea; in some houses it can be implemented very easily, and others require a special construction system (and a large amount of money) to achieve it. The houses with garage in the living room they are a reality, especially in high-end homes, in which the car becomes the main decorative element in the room.

Integrated in the living room

Having the car just steps from your favorite chair can be a tempting idea, especially if it's a great sports car. The car is fully integrated in the visual of the room, and in the second photograph, it becomes part of the landscape.


Custom designs

If you like the idea that your car is part of the decoration of your house, but you do not want it to be the main protagonist, you can resort to the option of a garage communicated; the vehicle is one more member of the salon, but in a visually separate space. Here you can see some examples.


A studio - garage

This beautiful studio with a bookcase and a living room offers the convenience of having the car just a few meters away. Simple, modern lines, coupled with a spectacular view, create a work environment where you don't have to look too far for inspiration.



Elevator for the Lamborghini

This is one of the examples of houses that require special systems to park the car in the living room. In the luxurious KRE House, in Tokyo, an elevator was installed so that the owner can climb one of his 9 vehicles in full view of all. A total eccentricity.


The house of 20 cars

When there is passion and money at your disposal, anything is possible, and that includes building a custom home for your 20 cars. The garage occupies the absolute center of the house, and allows vehicles to be observed from the living room and kitchen.


Parking at Cameron's house

Do you remember the movie All in One Day? We bet the story didn't impress you as much as the spectacular home of Cameron, the best friend of Ferris Bueller, the character of Matthew Broderick. The spectacular Glass house with built-in garage It was sold a few months ago for a little over $ 1 million.


Double garage in height

El hamilton scotts It is a luxury apartment building in Singapore, and one of its peculiarities is the one that concerns us in this post: it does not matter which floor its owner lives in - there are 14 floors -, since you can park your two vehicles right next to your living room. How does it work? Drivers leave their cars at a designated point on the ground floor, and undergo a biometric scan; Once your identity is verified, an elevator takes the car to the correct floor in an automated process without a driver.


* Text and photos provided by the decoration portal

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