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Patelo's miniature W18

The Escudería is a digital magazine dedicated to vintage vehicles. However, today we will make an exception as we consider this news to be true - and therefore timeless - poetry.

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, a mechanic from the Coruña town of Noia better known as Kick it, is the creator of wonders like this W18 to scale. And is that since he retired in 2003, he has invested much of his free time in the manufacture of incredible miniature direct injection engines animated by compressed air.

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For the manufacture of the one that we bring to these electronic pages today, it has used about 500 pieces, 390 screws and almost 2.000 hours of work. Small components, great effort. He has built more than ten micro-thrusters, which for him has been about 15.000 total hours of work and, without a doubt, the amazement and admiration of many enthusiasts.

For the greater delight of the latter, on this occasion the process has been documented by his son Juan Manuel, who has filmed the entire engine assembly in detail with the intention of serving as an inspiration for Vocational Training students; that future generations retain the love for crafts and creation.

He has uploaded the edited material in eight videos to YouTube. We leave you the first one at the head; to access the rest, wait for it to finish or please click here.

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Written by Johanna betermi

Johanna Betermi is a Dominican based in Madrid. He graduated in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo, later obtaining a state scholarship for academic excellence that allowed him to study the Master of Television Journalism ... Read More


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