Malaysia-Germany at VW Combi

About three months ago, five fans of the iconic van hippie they decided to plan their own pilgrimage to the land of her birth. We talk about Hanover, in Germany, the city where the Volkswagen factory that produced most of the VW Kombi in the Old Continent. The first step was to choose the ideal machines for the feat, specifically paths Combi T1 from 1967 and another flirtatious T2 1978. As the details make the difference, some were painted white and the other red, like the Malaysian flag, the place where these heroes road trippers come from.

March seemed like a good time to start a huge journey in which these vans showed more than just the sympathy they aroused as they passed. They crossed Laos, Thailand, China, Russia, reached Europe and crossed it until they reached their final destination in Germany. They are reputed to be indestructible but, certainly, this must have been a good test for them, even if the crew had all the spare parts and knowledge necessary to maintain them without having to go through the workshop. In total, a trip of 20.000 km; which is equivalent to a round and a half around the world.

And the thing does not end in Hannover. Now they plan to travel Europe through France, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries to reach the 50.000 kms On his return to Malaysia! Finally, during their journey they are organizing events that you can follow in the hastag # Live2Drive ; some of them supportive, such as visiting orphanages, which makes the legend of the van par excellence even bigger.

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Alvaro Romagosa has a degree in International Relations and is passionate about music. Drummer of the indie group Gole Yaika, has decided to collaborate in 'La Escudería' so that you enjoy their news ...


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