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'65 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod: The Bad Boy


As one of its owners says, and contrary to what is usually believed, the Ford Mustang it was not conceived as a sports car. Good proof of this are the initial 6-cylinder engines or the rigid rear axle with leaf springs, to name just two examples. At first it was a car designed, and no one takes offense, for the secretaries of the mid-60s.

Fortunately, he could sport himself, just as he did. Carrol Shelby from the very birth of pony Ford in 1964. As it happens, we already talked about it a few months ago in connection with a barn find de Shelby GT 350, a Mustang tuned by the Texan hero to conquer the American SCCA championship circuits.

Julio Santamaría and his friends have been inspired to modify a 1965 Fastback precisely in this racing machine on the street. But they have also decided to Europeanize it a bit to turn it into a Gran Turismo, something that the Yankees do not have. And is that the Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod -you know, restored-modified- that we teach you in the Video The header has been transformed into a toy suitable for both highways and buzzing tracks such as the Jarama.

The fall in fastback made the body of the Mustang gain integers (Photo: Unai Ona)
The fall in fastback made the body of the Mustang gain integers

Julio's work and his friends

Since 2002 these fans of the Ford have put all the meat on the grill to give life to a pony car This implies a commitment not only conceptually, but also with regard to adjustments and the preservation of originality. To begin with, only the 'sacrilegious' injection assembly has required 5 years of work; and then all the changes had to be reversible in one work week ...

In V8 engine the main modifications have been the injection, some 'matching' cylinder heads marketed by Ford Performance and an increase in displacement from 298 to 302 cubic inches or, what is the same, from 4.7 to 5 liters. The front brakes, as counted in the Video They consist of ventilated discs and Brembo 4-piston calipers embedded in 16-inch wheels, 1 above the original 15.

As regards the transmission, the axle is now made of duralumin, lighter and easier to balance, and the rear axle ratio has been carefully worked out. The suspensions are traced to Carrol Shelby's schematics for his GT 350, thanks to which a somewhat more pronounced drop in the wheels made the car stop understeering.

The rear hood provides the necessary aerodynamic support at high speed (Photo: Unai Ona)
The rear hood provides the necessary aerodynamic support at high speed

Already abroad, aesthetic modifications are observed in the purest Shelby style: Air inlets for the admission and cooling of the mechanics, mainly; together with these, a somewhat different rear to which we are used to in 1965 Fastbacks and which provides the necessary aerodynamic support for the stability of the pony from 180 kilometers per hour ...

Finally, icing on the cake It is inside, materialized in a glove compartment with the original signature of the Texan pilot and constructor. The story has crumbs, as well as the thousands of miles traveled by our protagonist at the wheel of his 'Bad Boy' until Le Mans Classic 2016. But we are already telling you in the header video… Good holidays to all!

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