Tour Auto 2024, we show you the best images of the tribute to the Tour de France Automobile

Once again, the Tour Auto has once again paid tribute to one of the classic events of the old European racing calendar, leaving a good sample of images among which, without a doubt, you will be able to find your new wallpaper.

Although it is not disputed today, in the classic times of motorsports the Tour de France Automobile It was one of the most emblematic events on the entire European calendar. Inaugurated in 1899, it went through different stages - with more or less long periods of time between them - until its last edition was in 1986.

In addition, to his credit is having been eligible for the World Endurance Championship as well as having been part of the European Rally Championship. There are plenty of reasons to have attracted the attention of some of the best drivers in the entire history of F1 or the World Championship, being also one of the most important stages for the history of the Ferrari 250 GT and GTO.

What's more, the Maranello house itself launched special editions commemorating its victories such as the 250 GT PTO. In short, just one more reason to consider the Tour de France Automobile among the races for open road most impressive in the entire 20th century, thus being at the height of the Mille Miglia or the Targa-Florio.

However, holding these tests is completely impossible today given the large number of kilometers to be closed while, at current speeds, the safety conditions for pilots and the public would be at least questionable. Of course, fortunately - as is the case with the Mille Miglia itself - the French route has a call for classics that, mainly under the regularity modality, constitute an authentic museum on wheels to which the photographer Unai Ona has attended this year.


As we have said many times, we always miss seeing historical vehicles in action on more occasions beyond the static display in museums or collections. In this sense, the Tour de France Automobile – in this case its current editions “tribute”- gives us the opportunity to contemplate on the asphalt at a wide selection of classics among which, although those relating to the front row of motorsports stand out, there are also some unexpected ones due to their utilitarian nature or even previous year of assembly.

Furthermore, in this year's edition it was not only possible to enjoy road regularity tests but also more extreme driving thanks to the Tour's foray into circuits. Specifically in four, highlighting from the Le Mans layout to Nogaro to round off an event full of nods to the most exciting past of classic motorsport.

All this over six days in which, from Paris to Biarritz, France was traveled from north to south. between the 21st and 27th of last April. As winners in relation to the circuit tests, Emmanuel Brigand and Yann Albert should be highlighted with their Jaguar E-Type 3.8 from 1962 while in regularity the winner was the MG A 1500 of Etienne Bruet and Marc Jay. In short, one of the great moving exhibitions on the European calendar.

Images: Unai Ona

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

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