Type 184

Type 184, the Mazda MX-5 that wanted to be an Alfetta and got it

The Mazda MX-5 recovered, when the first generation was launched, the essence of the Lotus Elan. That little British roadster, designed by Colin Chapman, dazzled a generation of drivers by its lightness and behavior, without the need for a huge engine. Something similar to what they did from Mazda when they proposed to put into circulation the first generation of the Miata and that, as you all know, they finally achieved. In fact, they even look alike aesthetically. 

The most curious thing is that nobody gave a penny for that Japanese model and today is the world's best-selling roadster and a whole institution in the automotive world, it is a culture in itself. There is no doubt that Mazda achieved what it set out to do and much more, they exceeded all expectations and thinking about the future of Mazda itself without a Miata in the catalog becomes complicated. Be careful, and that does not mean that one day the model will disappear because it is no longer profitable, we cannot forget that Mazda is an international company and everything it does is calculated to make a profit. 

However, until that hypothetical moment arrives, surely caused by electrical technology, we will be able to enjoy all the generations that have been put into circulation, each one better than the previous one; safer, faster and more enjoyable to drive. Because, in case you don't know, that's the essence of the Miata, driving pleasure in its purest form. 

The fact is that there are those who have found another use for the Mazda MX-5, specifically for the units of the second generation, the Mazda MX-5 NB for the most purists: turn them into a replica of the Alfa Romeo 158 "Alfetta", one of the most successful and successful cars in the history of car racing. In fact, the Alfa 158 was the first car to win a Formula 1950 Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1, subsequently becoming the first Formula XNUMX World Champion. 

But what do an Alfa 158 and a Mazda MX-5 have in common? Well, specifically, four wheels, a steering wheel, some pedals and an internal combustion engine, and this to say something since a 1 Formula 1950 has nothing to do with a roadster for public roads from the late 90s. However, the transformation is just mind blowing

The creator of this project is Ant Anstead, better known in these parts for having replaced Edd China in the program “Joyas Sobre Ruedas” (the official name of the program is Wheeler Dealers), although outside our borders he is known for having been a presenter of programs such as “For the love of cars ”,“ Craft: i made this ”,“ The lost lous: restoring a race car ”or“ World's most expensive cars ”, all of them broadcast on Channel 4 and on the BBC. 

But it does not end here, as Mr. Anstead also wrote a book on police cars (he was a police officer until 2005) and founded his own company for the manufacture and repair of very exclusive automobiles. And it is precisely there where the story of the call begins Type 184, name given to the replica created on the basis of the Mazda MX-5

However, to be honest, there is not much left of the Miata. Anstead takes advantage of the essentials: engine and gearbox, steering, brakes and running gear. The rest is Anstead's specific creation to build the Type 84. And also, it is not lacking in detail. 

Eg the chassis is a network of tubes on which the body panels are mounted. It comes with an eight manifold side exhaust, of which only four work, while Mazda's original disc brakes are camouflaged with kits that look like huge drum brakes. The kit costs 7.499 pounds, about 8.351 euros, although there are things that will most likely have to be paid for separately, such as the tires, the steering wheel or the replica seat of the original.

What do you think?

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Javi Martin

Written by Javi Martin

If you ask me where my love for motoring comes from, I wouldn't know how to answer. It has always been there, although I am the only one in the family who likes this world. My father worked as a draftsman in a metallurgical company with a lot of auto parts production, but there was never a passion like I can have.

I really like the history of the automobile and I am currently creating a personal library dedicated exclusively to the history of the motor in Spain, without forgetting the motorcycles that gave so much service in our "old" Spain. I also have a huge collection of scanned material.


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