Fuoriconcorso 2023

The best images of the FuoriConcorso Aero

This year the most beautiful forms fostered by aerodynamics were celebrated, as well as the 75th anniversary of Porsche or the half century of the Ferrari BB.

Around Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance, more and more events are articulated. One of them is the FuoriConcorso Aero, which, as its name indicates, includes cars that do not participate in the contest. In fact, it has become one more attraction around Lake Como. This edition has been devoted to cars that owe their shapes to aerodynamics, while what is designated FuoriConcorso Open Museum the 75th anniversary of Porsche was especially celebrated.

According to this year's premise, the most influential designer in history would be neither Battista Pininfarina, Giorgetto Giugiaro or Marcello GandiniIt would be the wind. And he is right, because aerodynamics has ended up becoming the science that dominates everything, especially in recent times. In any case, the concern to offer the least possible air resistance is almost as old as the automobile.

As in past editions, the FuoriConcorso was held in the gardens of Villa Grumello and Villa Sucota, two glamorous estates overlooking Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. The collection of automotive jewels present was, once again, breath-taking, with prototypes and supercars from all eras.


Although there is nothing like seeing, almost tasting, the images that accompany this text, it is impossible not to refer to some of the models on display. Beginning with the oldest, with the presence of pieces such as the Mercedes-Benz 540 K Stromlinienwagen, BMW 328 Kamm Coupe or Bentley Continental R Type. What to say about the spectacular Jaguar XK120 Modificato or the Pontiac One Concept, cars can only be found at these types of events.

was not missing the best of the sports prototypes, at a time when top speed prevailed on the Mulsanne straight. there were the Porsche 962C, Lancia LC2 or more modern cars like the Lola T92/10 or the beautiful Mazda R390. That's not to mention rabid supercars like the McLaren Speedtail, Ferrari FXX K, Aston Martin Valkirie, Pininfarina Battista, Pagani Zonda Revo Barchetta and many more.


La stuttgart brand He had a special role, how could it be otherwise on his anniversary. And, of course, the pieces that could be enjoyed at the FuoriConcorso Aero were at the level of the event. From the most varied versions of the everlasting Nine Eleven, to competition models, such as the 911 GT1 winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998.

Of course, the Porsche 356 was well represented, and they did not miss the party supercars like the Carrera GT, cars like the 928 and even the 99X of Formula E. Although, given the choice, we almost stayed with the 917/10K, the beast of the CanAm.


It was not the only anniversary that was celebrated, as it also It was celebrated that 50 years ago the Ferrari 356 GT4 BB was presented, the mythical Berlinetta Boxer that was not even berlinetta nor was he a boxer. The BB thing responded to Berlinetta Bialbero -two camshafts-, although for years it was claimed that it was a tribute to Brigitte Bardot.

There was a whole series of units, from the originals to the later ones. 512 BB, going through the competition versions. Among them, the fabulous Ferrari 512BB/LM which they attempted the assault on Le Mans more than four decades ago. Lastly, it should be noted that the competition department Alfa Romeo, Autodelta, for his 60th birthday already Pagani for its 25th anniversary.

In conclusion, an extraordinary edition of an extraordinary event such as the FuoriConcorso Aero, the ideal complement to the exclusive Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance. Undoubtedly, the closest thing to Automobile Week in Monterey that we have in Europe.

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