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The Alpine A110 is updated with three different versions

From the nineties to this part the rescue of myths of the past has been a common practice in motor racing. In this way, after the success of the New Beetle or Mini, the immediate future will see an electric version of the R5. However, Renault has been building bridges for years between some of its best classic models and the vehicles in its current range. In this way of doing things he framed the resurrection of the Alpine A110 in 2017. A launch with which the French house once again highlighted this sports label.

Definitely absorbed in 1973 four years after the purchase of Gordini. Thus integrating into the racing department the two best trainers on Renault bases. A fact that without a doubt enhanced the already marked sporty character of the rhombus brand, setting her up for her prolific turbo era during the eighties. A time when the Alpine name was gradually falling into disuse until it is happily rescued today. In fact, right now it has become as important as being the name under which Renault hides in F1.

Undoubtedly the best example of the success of this resurrection, which is further established with the recent launch of the second series of the Alpine A110. A piece of news with which the good health of this bet is confirmed, based on put the technology of the present at the service of continuing with the sensations offered by the classic model. For this reason, these new Alpine have been designed with the aim of enjoying sporty driving and the lightness of its aluminum chassis, being one with the machine. All this thanks to an excellent distribution of the masses from its central engine.


If you are a regular reader of our magazine, you will have already noticed our passion for Alpine. An interest that led us to verify how the Renault engineers had managed to transfer the behavior of the A110 classic to the models of the new range, which has been renewed with three different versions. To start we have the A110 S. With 300 hp and careful aerodynamics designed to perform at the best also on the slopes. Undoubtedly the most suitable variant for racing even without losing the practicality of this two-seater. Sublimated quality in the A110 GT.

Also with 300 hp but without giving up the degree of comfort in travel typical of all Gran Turismo. The perfect option for those looking for the versatility of an Audi TT without sacrificing the purity and radicality of a Lotus Elise. Nevertheless, beyond these two versions is the so-called A110 to dry. Reduced to 252 hp, but repository of the original essences of the classic Alpine. Endowed with great agility, excellent cornering and obvious nobility in her reactions.

One of those sports cars where the character "Old School" it is mixed with a chassis capable of making you feel a better driver than you are even on the most demanding curvy roads. One of the best qualities of these Alpine A110, available in the Alpine Center on Avenida de Burgos Nº 93, Madrid. Concessionaire where Carlos Sánchez offers all the keys to the model as well as a Stock of units belonging to the first generation. Essentially different from the following in regards to the multimedia system, improved to offer a more agile and intuitive digital connectivity between the vehicle and the driver.

In addition to immediate delivery, these latest A110 first-series units available at Alpine Center come at a better price. An interesting piece of information, especially if we take into account the future revaluation expected for a vehicle of which only 15 to 20 units are manufactured per day. The most interesting French GT at the moment. A clear tribute to the golden days when the A110 was dominant in the World Rally Championship.

P.D. For more direct contact with the Alpine Center you can go directly to Carlos Sánchez through 628 83 12 83

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