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Duel: Present and Past of the Suzuki GSXR

Second installment of our Old School Motorcycles series, dedicated to what we could consider as two racing motorcycles put on the street…


R for radicality. Two motorcycles designed by and for the sport of two wheels. In the early 90s, and in 2022, the hobbyist who was looking for - and is looking for - a race for customers bought this. Both the GSXR 750 and 1000R that today we bring to these digital pages are capable of everything in the right hands. The limit is the sky.

Yes, the first it has a slightly more delicate character than the second. The chassis, the available power and the total absence of electronic aids means that you have to listen carefully. The good news is that if you are moderately sensitive, he tells you everything, he has no secrets.

Regarding the second, Suzuki (which by the way has left us the 100th anniversary, thank you very much) has done something unique over the years: The current GSXR 1000R is the only multi-purpose superbike on the market. In addition to giving you wings, it allows you everything else and takes care of you with its aids and driving modes, It is a girl with almost no compromises.

without further delay, We leave you with the video from Charly Pelaez and Jesús Silva to tell you all the details. Next, we will move on to some brief written reviews and photos (but the big part is the video!) 😉

750 Suzuki GSXR 1989: Money for nothing (By Jesús Silva)

moneyfornothing, That's what I thought when I first got on the '750 GSXR 89. My goodness, I didn't get home, my family; that's the second thing that crossed my mind, with her already running. It's a radical bike that does not forgive the slips of an inattentive pilot. I had about 70 kilometers of travel ahead of me, and apart from the respect that the machine inspired in me, it was cooking me: The heat given off by the cylinders was like having your crotch in the oven. It was very clear that it was not a motorcycle designed for the summer in our country.

In the end I arrived well, and over time we even became friends. Communicative, yes sir, that's the word that best describes this GSXR (Grand Sport eXperimental Racing). You have to know how to listen to her, but when you understand her language, she transmits absolutely everything to you. Let's think about the carburetion, with its typical bump around 3500-5000 revolutions, fair damping, effective brakes, exhausts roaring on both sides, aluminum chassis, weight of 223,6 Kg full, which does not make it manageable in the city... Without embargo, by secondary roads that are worthwhile you understand the concept. On the highway the position is not ideal but for short trips you have power (112 CV) and more than enough machine. Its preload-adjustable 43 mm fork is perfect both on fast sections and on country roads, the latter being where you'll have the best time.

But don't think about doing all this together: The passenger seat is testimonial. You can take him but he won't feel safe; it is not comfortable, there is no heating, the rear handle is also justita… In short, that the GSXR 750 It was not conceived to travel with your partner (the 1000R that Charly will tell us about was not either, beware, no matter how versatile it is).

It was also not intended for someone unfamiliar with an R-type bike. Radicality in every way. Very delayed footpegs; superclosed semi-handlebars, very enveloping fairing but lying position... It is clear, racing motorcycle adapted to the street, without aids of any kind, in the old way. Anyone who wants something smoother should look to the GSXF range, which is immediately lower in performance and price but superior in terms of ergonomics.

Thousands and thousands of GSXR and GSXF units were sold all over the planet. Regarding the R that concerns us, it was marketed from 250 to 1100cc, passing through 400, 600 and 750. All these engines are authentic grinders that make you have more than a good time, with the big ones as long as you pay attention to what you are going doing and how the mount is responding.

As authentic old-school from the end of the early 90s, You can buy a GSXR 750 for four bitches. To be more or less exact, 3.000 euros for a unit to get your hands on it and about 5,000 for one that works acceptably well. From there you can continue going up to 10,000 of a motorcycle in perfect condition.

In short, fun and guaranteed sensations, in exchange for not having ABS-ASR-ESP or anything like that. Finally, I'd like to go back to the brakes: On the one hand, the front discs and their 4-piston calipers really work; and, on the other hand, its rear disc helps you steer. It is not a hypersonic braking but it meets well above the expectations of the time. Even today you feel that you have bite, which is also essential to stop such iron (aluminum). Finally, the feeling of flanking that occurs in her fellow predecessors from the years 86-87, or in the GSXF saga; here it disappears completely; being an R, it should be noticed and in fact the poise in this sense is much more noticeable.

A legend Old School, which you have to respect. Never forget.

suzuki gsxr comparisonsuzuki gsxr comparisonsuzuki gsxr comparison

1000 Suzuki GSXR 2020R: Biker Ecstasy (By Charlie Peláez)

As you have just read, at my 45 years, ecstasy is what I felt when piloting this beast. A tamable beast, yes, thanks to its multiple electronic aids for effective execution. Although perhaps the most surprising thing, listening to me well, is that it is comfortable!

In the year 2020 Suzuki was celebrating. He turned no less than 100 years old, although it is true that his first motorcycle did not arrive until 1952. To celebrate it, what better than this machine, a special edition of his most legendary sports car with the colors replica of those used in MotoGP and that are inspired in the shades used in the 60s. This is the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R 100th Anniversary, that a oldies Like me, the truth is that I liked it a lot.

A total of 20 units of this motorcycle have arrived in Spain, all of them numbered. Mechanically there are no changes with respect to the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R launched in 2017, no need to.

It is a superbike In all rules, heir to that legendary Suzuki GSX-R 750 F from 1985 that broke with the established. 202 hp at 13.200 rpm and 117.6 Nm at 10.800 rpm for a curb weight of 202 kg. Inside it hides a multitude of cutting-edge technologies developed by Suzuki in addition to first-class electronics. They are elements that today we are used to hearing in pure sports shoes but that, at the end of 2016 when it was released, He banged on the table.

With a bike like this you always have the feeling of having the closest thing to a competition machine on the street. Quite simply, with its 4 cylinders, its 1000cc and its performance, it is impossible to finish it off. Yes, it is possible to give it a go thanks to the progressiveness that each and every one of its controls allow, but to climb to the top of the rev counter you have to have them very well placed. It bites, if you look for it.

But, Suzuki offers the only multi-purpose supercar on the market. It is the only motorcycle in its class that, if you want, you can also ride quietly, without complaining, even in the city. Three driving modes and ten levels of traction control They contribute to our peace of mind. Rookies will wear it capped, pros can take it all off, and it's still a loyal bike that looks out for you unless you risk too much or make a big blunder.

In other words, compared to the radical nature of, for example, a Yamaha R1, today we propose a device that also has its own but it also offers much more. A motorcycle developed for the American market, full of excellent motorcyclists who, however, also know how to enjoy themselves in daily and/or tourist mode.

The aesthetics and motorization of the GSXR1000R leaves no room for doubt about its potential. Apart from this, the agile chassis is supported by adjustable Showa suspension and brakes that act with exceptional bite. Without wishing to exaggerate, it could be my better half, a motorcycle with which to spend my whole life and that would always make me feel satisfied, in any situation. Without wishing to elaborate further, thank you very much Suzuki Spain for leaving it to us!

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