lancia delta integrale evo1 for sale

Stratospheric: Lancia Delta Integrale Evo I

Description of the Lot

The first 'evolution' of the famous Delta HF 4WD was presented at the Frankfurt motor show in September 1987. It was named the Lancia Delta Integrale and from its inception in competition it stood out as a car born to win. The Lancia Delta Integrale was explicitly designed to participate in the World Rally Championship, where it competed between 1987 and 1993 winning 6 constructors 'titles and 4 drivers' titles.

From 1988 the original Integrale it was perfecting with, among other elements, 16-valve engines; in 1991 came the so-called Evoluzione, cars with, among other distinctive features, improved suspension and a wider track width that made them significantly different. Between 1991-92 the Evo 1 was produced and, as of 1993, the Evo II.

This copy of Evo 1 It is 65 km long and has only been repainted in its original color. The optional black leather interior is perfectly preserved. The engine has never been modified and remains at the original 000 hp. It can be seen, tasted and collected in Italy.

Estimated Price: € 64500.00

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