Dakar Classic

Spain Classic Raid: driver's school for the Dakar


El December 26 1978 the first Paris-Dakar begins. One hundred and seventy participants must travel XNUMX kilometers along the tracks of Algeria, Niger, Mali, Upper Volta and Senegal. The most media career in the world begins.

The car brands that have won this raid the most times have been Mitsubishi 12 times, Peugeot 7 times, Mini 5, Citroën 4, Volkswagen also 4, Porsche 2 editions and Range Rover another 2. Car lovers, racing and adventure are very attentive year after year to the toughest test in the world.

In 2015 in our country the Spain Classic Raid, regularity test on dirt roads for classic vehicles unique in Europe. It soon became a benchmark for regularity rallies and brought together participants from all over the old continent.

Dakar Classic

In the second edition, the organization of Spain Classic Raid, in its eagerness to help and make the experience of the participants in the test easier, develops an APP in which you can follow the RoadBook, the times, the distances and the averages in anywhere and for free. Spain Classic Raid thus becomes the first European test with digital RoadBook, without the need for a paper book and greatly simplifying the management of the route and the competition for the participants, whether they are experts or neophytes, avoiding the purchase of expensive tools such as Blunik or TerraTrip; This free application does it all. Participants could choose between digital RoadBook, paper or both.

In 2020 the organization of Spain Classic Raid incorporates this format of classics regularly in all the Madrid motorsport federation tests but the biggest thing is that for this 2021 the Dakar organization has included a new category of participants in which about thirty of vehicles are competing in the first edition of the Dakar Classic, a regularity competition for cars and trucks from the 80s and 90s. Lovers of historic vehicles have found in this modality a new way of living this adventure.

Dakar Classic

They will complete a tour of 12 stages parallel to those of the Dakar, with a distance of between 200 and 300 kilometers each day. Taking into account the power and technical characteristics of the vehicles, the difficulties have been adapted to avoid breakdowns and overheating.

Dakar Classic

It is undoubtedly a source of pride for the organization of the Spain Classic Raid, and Iberian Classic Raid, that a competition as huge as the Dakar, a benchmark in car raids, includes from this edition a test in the image and likeness of yours, highlighting that it is for classic vehicles, in regular format and also start using the digital RoadBook that has given such good results in the Spain Classic Raid for five years.

This new Dakar Classic can only mean that the bet made by Spain Classic Raid in 2015 was a huge success and a successful start for this type of event, which makes regularity a fun discipline within everyone's reach.

Dakar Classic

At a sporting level, the experience acquired by the participants of the Spain Classic Raid has been reflected when they went to other competitions. A pioneer in this aspect was the Cordovan Jesús Luque co-piloted by his wife, who after finishing 3rd and 2nd in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Spain Classic Raid, in 2018 they won a round of the Spanish Championship and were third in another.

Juan Donatiu and Pere Serrat are great acquaintances of the Spanish test since they were winners in the first edition and they were seconds in another. The last two editions have carried out functions of car 0 taking advantage of to test the mount that they are now using in the Dakar and with which they are located in second position of the general and first among the participants with high average; a new pride for the members of the Spain Classic Raid.

Another participant in the Dakar Classic is also a great acquaintance of the Spain Classic as he has participated on several occasions with vehicles that did not leave anyone indifferent, such as the Volvo P1800 traveling more than 2.000 km on dirt roads. Is about Chisco Benavente, a Cantabrian with a passion for classics who has come to the Dakar with the experience of the Spain Classic Raid.

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