spain classic raid 2017

From Inside: IV Spain Classic Raid

El Spain Classic Raid part of the premise that it is unnecessary to travel to Africa to participate in a raid of old irons. In the skin of a bull we have wide uninhabited rural spaces full of unknown roads in which we feel lost in the immensity. Why turn to the African continent, however neighboring it may be? The adventure is found, as who says, just around the corner.

El Spain Classic Raid It has already been held for four editions and it seems that it is getting more and more, basically because the alternative pays off. It is true that you do not travel through the desert, but it is also true that the landscape is more varied; It is true that there is a little less adventure, but there is, definitely, and also with greater security. And what to say about the food, excellent… In conclusion, the idea makes sense, it's like going to the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands instead of the Caribbean; It is not exactly the same thing but it undeniably has its advantages, at least in the opinion of this humble chronicler.

Possibly also in that of many other fans, since the list of participants of the raid organized by the Team Etcétera has not stopped growing since the first edition held in 2015. This year they were registered nothing more and nothing less than 140 classics, Quite a record! The secret is in the flexibility: It is possible to sign up with any device over 25 years old and only go through the stages you want. In addition, although it is a test of regularity, you can go for a walk without further sporting fads. There are those who take it very seriously and those who just want to enjoy nature and the good atmosphere.

So why not? In the newsroom we have a Jeep-Viasa CJ3-B to which we had just fixed the transmission (the gearbox was made a few foxes) and we could not resist participating. At least in one of the stages, the one that was closest to us and that ran between Burgo de Osma, in Soria, and Ávila. Next, we tell you the experience we live in alliance with the insurance brokerage Sergio Romagosa, SL, cuyo factotum he stayed behind the wheel all the time while we took, badly or well, the photos that illustrate this report. Bon voyage!

classic rally through the field
Our mount, a Jeep-Viasa CJ3-B with a Perkins diesel engine. Survive to?
spain classic raid 2017
Final preparations: Before the start of the stage the activity was feverish

What's in the Spain Classic Raid?

Normally, the Spain Classic Raid it is disputed with more modern cars than our Jeep; Open-top saddles are not frequent either, as inclement weather, especially the cold, end up taking their toll in a matter of hours. It is a question of comfort and resistance.

The undisputed kings of this type of tests are the Fiat / Seat Panda and Marbella, light and versatile utility vehicles that are tremendously competitive in both their 4 × 2 and the desired 4 × 4 versions. They are followed by their French rivals from the 70s and 80s, especially Renault and Citroën, and SUVs of Japanese and Slavic origin. Get involved a little bit of everything (there was even a Porsche 944!), but his thing is to do it in a simple classic made between 1975 and 1992. We were surprised not to see much Beetle, as we expected to find a legion prepared according to a buggy or semi-buggy configuration.

The participating machines are subjected together with their hardened passengers to the stress of the national roads. And sometimes these pose great challenges, especially to cars that must overcome obstacles always bearing in mind the disadvantage that their height supposes with respect to that of SUV's. In no case do you have to be an experienced offroad pilot, so the itinerary, traveled at less than 50 km / h, it is exciting.

Dirt tracks, mud, potholes, ruts, slopes ... All of this contributed to our having to divide our attention between the rough road and the rutometer, which, incidentally, was encyclopedic. Tremendously detailed, the billet It took up dozens of pages that we tried to follow to the letter until we realized that we had no tripmeter! Nor navigation equipment ...

classic rally through the field
The 'Trigger Team' sets off towards adventure. The goal is Ávila!
classic rally through the field
BMW in the field. It is not usual but he managed quite well

Orientation Problems

Indeed, it was a hard blow. We did the Madrid-Burgo de Osma route at night, in the open, and leaving the stage the next morning we were aware that perhaps our odyssey, which had just begun, had been in vain. In the open field, at least a priori, there was no possibility of orientation.

Luckily we saved the impasse thanks to a friendly conjunction between our 10-inch Samsung tablet and the GPS with which the organization continuously monitors all participants. We accessed an online browser with which, bad or good - it had some delay with respect to the route - we managed to follow the rest of green dots by the paths that seemed most appropriate to us. And there was more than one road (or several) that led to Rome; some faster than others, yes.

The exit was most exciting: As soon as we started, at eight thirty in the morning, we ran into a participant who snapped at us: Do you know where it is? And the thing is that the normal thing is that, to go losing and finding, interacting with the rest of the masocas -sarna with pleasure does not bite- to distinguish the way. 'Look, those go around, follow them!' How you miss the road signs in the field!

Once lined up, we went for a long time in a caravan while we were almost always ahead. Either because of their experience or because of the greater comfort enjoyed by the passengers, the other cars they were going faster than us. The caravan, surrounded by dust, was great, and we enjoyed it in the roughest terrain of the stage, just the one that was at the exit of the town of Soria.

spain classic raid 2017
The countryside of Castilla and hundreds of kilometers ahead
classic rally through the field
The adventure brings together hobby, nature and, as we will comment below, gastronomy

Alone in the face of danger, a hard route

There came a time when we are left alone in the face of danger. No one in front, no one behind; Following the green spots, we were reaching small towns lost in the Castilian plain, built of adobe and surrounded by farmland and pasture. Its elderly inhabitants greeted us as we passed and kindly indicated the way. A small dose of civilization to return immediately to the barren horizon. The good news is that, once the wee hours of the morning had passed, it was getting warmer and warmer… The heavy-gauge wool coats and hats were finally put in the trunk.

And every time we ate more potholes, everything has to be said. Tiredness will soften your reflexes and that translates into greater physical suffering, if you can say so. Crossbows don't want anyone and I really think we spend more time with our butt in the air than sitting comfortably in the seat. We did not compete, we walked, that was the idea when we signed up; But even so, it was turning out to be a tough route that only compensated for the enjoyment of nature and for the unique opportunity that the organization offered us to take a tour of these characteristics in Spain.

Kilometer by kilometer, every now and then a fellow traveler who he shared with us his good humor; others passed by, absorbed in their routometers, sure of their assault on the clock. We took advantage of the regrouping points to hydrate ourselves, and then we continued on in search of the closed circuit that the organization had prepared to do the goat. Finally we arrived.

spain classic raid 2017
So it's nice to take photos. Great atmosphere before we get ahead of ourselves, with 3 hours of travel behind us
spain classic raid 2017
The mother of all beasts. Diesel off-road truck that stayed on two wheels several times ...

We have come to have a good time: Troubles on the circuit

What do you do in a circuit offroad? Skidding, splashing, bouncing, getting dirty… In a controlled environment. In other words, fully and safely enjoy the country-style capabilities of the classics involved. It is time to, if you like, go to the fire and have a really good time. Amid the dust-coated old iron, a huge diesel truck appeared that was about to overturn repeatedly; wisely, the layout was reserved exclusively for his show.

Once vented - our Jeep held the guy -, we continued the march. We had been at the foot of the canyon for four hours and possibly we still had another three to go to Segovia, where the meal was scheduled. And it is that in the Spain Classic Raid you have to earn a living, even if it's through effort, sweat, and diesel. More and more screwed up and satisfied, we endured two more hours; So we opted for a regional highway that led us directly to the aqueduct of Segovia, where we reencountered with the rest of the warriors; in no case should you immolate yourself, this ride is to enjoy.

spain classic raid 2017
This Ford Fiesta had a great time on the closed circuit

Feeding in Spain Classic Raid

Time to eat, that's what the Spain Classic Raid is also about. In Africa this does not normally count; here one gets a few tributes of care. The night we arrived in Burgo de Osma, and after the cold we had been through, we did not hesitate to ask for a restaurant where they could eat well and head there. Once at the gate, we found the entire raid putting on their boots!

Tiring stages and hearty dinners. We didn't eat much the next day - although we could have - but the night before was different. After the delicious beating, it is impossible to resist the tasty Spanish food, in our case entrecots and some eggs with chorizo ​​that were, clearly speaking, to death. It's not just about cars, but also of nature, tourism and gastronomy.

classic rally through the field
Good food, beautiful landscapes, a 4L ... What more could you ask for?


The reader may be wondering if we continue to Ávila after recharging our strength in Segovia. The answer is no; With a long road to Madrid ahead of him -the Perkins of the Jeep forces him to travel at no more than 80 km / h- and having to work the next day, we decided that we had had enough.

Needless to say, we consider true heroes to the participants who complete the raid in its entirety. You have to be brave, be made of a special paste, to achieve it; and even more to win it, as was the case with Francisco and Aitor Herenas riding their Renault 5 in this fourth edition.

Thank goodness that the organization allows consuming it à la carte. The dosage required varies from hobbyist to hobbyist, but everyone should try it.

The experience is truly unique.

What do you think?

Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

My name is Javier Romagosa. My father has always been passionate about historic vehicles and I have inherited his hobby, while growing up among classic cars and motorcycles. I have studied journalism and continue to do so as I want to become a university professor and change the world ... View all


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