classic car insurance

Classic car insurance

You have a car with more than 20 years that sleeps in a garage. You do less than 5.000 kilometers a year. You keep it as the little piece of history that it is. But insurance is expensive. If this is your situation, we advise you to subscribe a classic car insurance.

Classic car insurance They have been specially designed for cars like yours. Basically, these are normal insurance adapted to the circumstances of your old machine. For example, in the event of a claim, as long as you have a good mediator, the insurer will value it realistically and not according to the dreaded depreciation tables.

The raison d'être of the classic car insurance is that they circulate less. That is to say, they are cheaper because they travel fewer kilometers and because, in addition, they are driven with care (of course with more care than the Washers modern). You are interested, right? Keep reading!

classic car insurance

Classic Car Insurance: The ABC

Apart from what has been said so far, a classic car insurance usually has the following peculiarities:

  • The flexibility of the coverage is total. In principle, only Compulsory Civil Liability coverage is mandatory. From there, the customer chooses what he wants. However, in classic car insurance It is always advisable to include, at least, the guarantee of damage claims and legal defense and that of accidents to the driver.

  • Extensive coverage can and should be contracted. In this way you can protect your car at the agreed value against theft and fire and even All Risk with excess. Two really interesting options that today are marketed in the classic car insurance at prices hard to believe.

  • Finally, a classic car insurance allows early cancellation and refund of unconsumed premium, for example in cases of sale, cancellation or replacement of the vehicle.

Also, you have to keep in mind that classic car insurance You will be honored with an additional discount for being a member of a vintage vehicle club. It is the best way to promote an association that today it is more necessary than ever.

classic car insurance

An example of classic car insurance: Sergio Romagosa

As you know, the brokerage Sergio Romagosa, SL is our main sponsor. But it is that, in addition, it currently has an avant-garde offer in terms of classic car insurance it means. We chose her for this post because 30 years of experience allows her to offer conditions and a service that are difficult to match.

This brokerage offers basic packages of classic car insurance quite competitive: For example, the one that includes third party insurance with road assistance Km. 0, damage claims and legal defense, windows and accidents to the driver from 76,50 euros.

However, his specialty is broad coverage. Their baggage allows them to agree on values ​​and insure your car against theft and fire and, even, All Risk with franchise. In this field, we believe that your prices of classic car insurance they are possibly the best on the market.

classic car insurance

The classic car insurance Romagosa have a logical limitation of 5.000 kilometers per year (expandable to 10.000 for an additional 25% premium). They also require that the vehicle have a covered parking space. They accept young drivers, but with a surcharge and as long as they are included in a normal car insurance.

Finally, you should know that they only dedicate themselves to this: They do not do home, business or other lines of business, which will give you peace of mind that they focus on your car. Anyway, we no longer give you the badge: If you are looking for a classic car insurance, we recommend Sergio Romagosa.

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