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SEAT Ronda Crono 2000. A limited-edition sports car tuned by Porsche

To think of Porsche is to think of a brand with many faces. For some, Sttutgart's company is the solid custodian of the 911 saga, irreducibly still with the engine hanging behind the rear axle. For others, the most incredible thing about the brand is the history of the 917. A symbol at Le Mans, a monster in the Can-Am and a unique piece of engineering. There will also be those who think about him 909 BergspyderA true feat of lightness created for uphill racing. But nevertheless, there is one facet that is of the greatest interest to any automobile historian: her work as a consultant.

Always open to selling its engineering services to other brands, Porsche has been a key player in the emergence of cars like the Audi RS2. In fact, this line of business is so important for the company that established in 1994 Porsche Consulting. This subsidiary started with just four workers, recently reaching more than 500. Another example of the importance that Porsche has the work of technological development for different customers. Clients including SEAT, which had close relations with the German brand during the 80s.

Constantly advertised as a way to join the prestige emanating from Porsche, the different engines that it designed for the Spanish company equipped the Ronda, Ibiza and Malaga. However, there were models where the sporting character of the German house was clearly glimpsed. One of the most symbolic is the 2000 SEAT Ronda Crono 1984. A SEAT that drank from FIAT finally finished off by Porsche. With only 500 units produced, it is today one of the most desired series classics among the brand's collectors.

seat round chrono 2000
The 2000 would have certain aesthetic changes to the grill that the 1'6 did not have.


1982 was a key year in SEAT's history. After decades of association with FIAT, manufacturing its models under patents, the Spanish company broke ties with the Agnelli household. Thus, models like the SEAT Ritmo had to be forgotten. Manufactured in Spain under license, the truth is that this car was neither more nor less than the FIAT Ritmo under another name. In need of a new range, but still without time or capital to develop it, SEAT chose to take this FIAT as the basis for its new SEAT Ronda.

A vehicle with many similarities regarding the Rhythm. In fact, there were so many that FIAT sued SEAT in 1983 for plagiarism. An accusation that was resolved in the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, winning SEAT among other things for the presentation of a unit where all the pieces with their own design were marked in yellow.

seat round chrono 2000

A coup that helped the Spanish company win the trial by the minimum, at least getting the SEAT Ronda to continue with its production. However, the similarities between Ritmo and Ronda are clear. So much so that very similar versions existed in both ranges.

In the case of the most sporty, the Rhythm put together its most rabid evolution with the help of Abarth. With improvements in suspensions, changes and brakes, the Abarth 125 TC was designed to run thanks to its two-liter engine. Just the same displacement that the Spanish brand mounted in its 2000 SEAT Ronda Crono, being able to put the VW Golf GTI 1.8 in trouble. In all respects also, because this SEAT had performance that was as good as its price was adjusted. Of course, while the rhythm was prepared by Abarth ... The set-up of the sportiest Ronda was carried out by Porsche.

seat round chrono 2000
The Ronda had excellent habitability


With a 1-liter engine capable of delivering around 6CV, the SEAT Ronda Crono was a good alternative to the Golf, Escort and Kadett of the moment. With a practical and accessible interior, its good price it was the auction for any buyer who wanted a national car for the day to day without giving up a touch of nerve. However, those from SEAT wanted to go further. Something very risky, since after the break with FIAT there were still many doubts to launch into short run models and sports dyes.

However, the company's management saw the door open when, putting the warehouses in order, they found that they would have to give some output to the 2-liter original FIAT engines previously mounted on the 131 TC. At this point, the idea was clear: assemble them in a run of 500 very exclusive units. This is how the SEAT Ronda Crono 2000 was born. Or at least the idea, since it had to be materialized by Porsche. Engines were sent to her to rebuild the carburetion, improving it by mounting Weber 34 DAT carburettors.

In passing, Porsche also improved the exhaust and high-gear timing in the gearbox. Changes that catapulted the SEAT Ronda Crono 2000 to 120CV and 190 km / h tip. Not inconsiderable performance, especially if we take into account its weight of only 930 kilos. In addition, and with regard to the interior, an exclusive upholstery was mounted for this model, also readjusting the controls on the dashboard. Overall, the 2000 SEAT Ronda Crono 1984 remained a very interesting sports car for everyday life. A pity that only 500 units were made. Although that makes him such a desired model.

Photographs: SEAT

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

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