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SEAT 600 E Lujo, the unknown prototype of the L Especial

Just when we thought we already knew everything about the SEAT 600, this E Luxury version appears, which turns out to be basically the prototype of the L Especial.

The history of the automobile is an inexhaustible source of surprises. Even the one that concerns our dear SEAT 600, of which we thought we knew practically everything... until now. Contact SEAT Históricos for future reports that we will offer you soon, they have sent us a series of images of an unknown prototype up to now and that would give way to the latest evolution of the model. Something similar to what we already published with the SEAT Ronda Sport.

In this case, we talk about SEAT 600 E Luxury, which would eventually end up being marketed as L Especial. The designation Luxury is not at all foreign to the brand, since it has already used it to refer to versions with extra equipment of the 850, of the 124, of the 132 or of the 133. Even in the SEAT 131 L 1430, said letter referred to “Luxury”. Also in the 1500 there was a difference between normal and luxury models.

SEAT 600 E and L Special
The E and L Especial versions of the 600 coexisted on the market during the last model year.


In the case of "pellet", there is usually talk of four different series, starting with the "normal", produced between 1957 and 1963. Next, we find the D, which remained on sale until 1970, with the 600 being the most produced. Here the engine went from 633 cm3 and 18 original CV up to 767 cm3 and 25 CV of power. He 600 E It landed on the market in 1970 with different aesthetic innovations, including the conventional opening of doors. Finally, the L Special It was launched in the summer of 1972 with 28 CV of power and a more careful presentation.

It is often forgotten L “dry”, whose destination was export. We will return soon to this almost forgotten version. As a detail, it should be noted that with the 600 E and the L Especial, the model that powered Spain had a kind of range for the first time. Both versions coexisted in the market during its last year of manufacture.

Front image of the SEAT 600 E Lujo, similar to the E and L Especial.


We have now discovered that there existed at least a unit of the so-called SEAT 600 E Luxury. It is a model with the characteristics of the later L Especial, including the side grille or the interior trim. Presumably it would already equip the improved mechanics of 28 CV.

SEAT 600 E Luxury anagram
The inscription "Luxury" has been added under the conventional badging of a 600 E.

It sports a white body and is unregistered, although what is most striking is its rear. On it you can read SEAT 600 E Lujo, a name that the brand considered in its time, although that of L. It is not difficult to deduce that said L refers to "Luxury", once we know of the existence of this prototype. In addition, changing the letter reinforced the feeling of a new model or evolution, as had happened with E with respect to D. It cannot be said that it happened with D with respect to N because it was never officially called that.

of this prototype Only the photographs that we show you exist, all taken outside the Zona Franca factory. The year should be 1971 or 1972 at most. We do not know the whereabouts of the unit, but it is possible that the different elements were changed, such as the rear anagram, and it was put up for sale without further ado.

SEAT 600 E Luxury rear
Rear view of the unknown SEAT 600 E Lujo. Only the four photos that we show you are preserved.

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