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SEAT 1979. The book about a key moment in SEAT's history

With the appearance of SEAT 1979, the existing bibliography on the history of national motorsports is expanded. A work by the historian Miguel Ángel Águila analyzing this key moment in SEAT's trajectory.

Historian Miguel Ángel Águila, author of the book Lancia Coupé and HPE. The forgotten ones of SEAT, presents its new desktop edition "SEAT 1979" after nearly 4 years of work and with the aim of presenting its new work on the occasion of SEAT's 70th anniversary.

Why SEAT 1979? The author wanted to focus on what may be the last of relative "normal", where the future of SEAT Despite the economic difficulties it seemed initially guaranteed by the mighty FIAT. However, the reality was quite another, since the Italian automobile giant suffered from many serious internal problems that are revealed as the story unfolds.

With the SEAT 1979 book, we will participate in the creation of the 1919 engine, developed by the Martorell Technical Center. We will know in depth the history and the commercial launch of all the novelties presented by SEAT in 1979, as well as the 132-2000, the 124 FL90, the Lancia Coupé and HPE.

But above all we will witness the birth of a revolutionary car for both FIAT and SEAT, decisive for the future of both brands, in need of a competitive product to enter the 80s in a big way. That car was the Ritmo and it was essential in laying the foundations for future solo SEAT production.

The book has an extension of 248 pages and is divided into 10 chapters, all of them illustrated with photographs of the time in black / white and color.

The price of the SEAT 1979 book is 25 euros plus shipping costs, and can be ordered at the following email address:

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