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SEAT 1400: To Historic Monte Carlo


Not only brands like Aston Martin or Ferrari take great care of their past. Right here in Spain SEAT Historic Cars He has been doing interesting work with the custodian of its history for years.

But not only with a static and museum custodian through initiatives such as Nave 122, but also active and competitive. Proof of this is his career in the Historic Monte Carlo Rally. Something that this 2020 is revalidated with the presence of a very special model: the SEAT 1400.

With this, there are already 4 editions consecutive in which SEAT takes part in the test. A career in which there have been milestones as notorious as the participation of Salvador Cañellas at the controls of a replica of the 124 with which he was fourth in the 1977 edition. One of the greatest sporting milestones of the Spanish brand.

Just the model that this 2020 will be the protagonist, since, to celebrate the 65 years of the brand's premiere in international competition, SEAT Historic Cars sends a completely restored unit.

Something that they know how to do perfectly, since examining the work they are doing in the brand with their past, the good skill they spend for restorations draws attention. This is the only way to explain that we can see a SEAT 1400 playing with the snows of the Turini.


Launched in 1953, the SEAT 1400 is one of the essential models in the history of the Spanish automotive industry. Produced under FIAT license for 11 years, its production exceeded 99.000 units, being the first SEAT assembled in Barcelona. However, the SEAT 1400 would never reach the sporting heights of later models such as the popular 600.

Something that, after all, is not surprising, since the SEAT 1400 It was conceived as a car for families with certain economic capacity and travel needs. For that reason, to see him giving his all in the curves of the Montecarlo it is still surprising. Despite this, SEAT's debut in international competition was precisely with a SEAT 1400 during the Monte Carlo in 1955, driving Arturo Bertoglio.

We know little about that unit, but the one that starts this January 31 is a clear rendering of accounts. A SEAT 1400 that will not be alone, since in part together with a 127 and a 1430. By the way, we have already seen the 127 in previous editions, having behaved in a surprising way on the most twisted sections. You know, low weight and short wheelbase: the perfect formula to connect one curve after another.


Even being respectful of the past to the maximum, those responsible for SEAT Historic Cars know that it never hurts any other modification. For this reason, the SEAT 1400 unit present in the 2019 Historic Monte Carlo has some improvements. In this sense, the most important thing, together with the new security measures necessary for homologation, has been the reinforcement of the chassis.

Something that will surely help to better move the 88CV of the 1400 SEAT 1957 used for the occasion. A project by SEAT restorers that has already been tested in the latest edition of the Andorra Winter Rallye, held last December. There he took the seventh absolute position, making clear the good aptitudes of the vehicle. Vehicle that during the 6 days of Historic Monte Carlo will be piloted by Josep María "Mia”Bardolet, former Spanish Rally Champion.

seat 1400 rallye montecarlo

Anyway, beyond the possibilities that this SEAT 1400 When it comes to achieving a good result, the truth is that seeing him race there is already a triumph. And it is that, after all, the tuning of this car is another success for the workers of Nave 122, as well as for all those who from SEAT Historic Cars are working to value the history of the brand. Good luck in Monte Carlo!

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Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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