A pioneer leaves

Last Three Kings night, Fausto Saavedra Martinez left us, after a long and fruitful existence, from which the old vehicle greatly benefited.

Those of us who remain will have to resign ourselves to never seeing his unmistakable image or enjoying his comforting company. Something not easy, at least for fans who -like me- live in central Spain, because for 40 years both things have been permanent elements of the scene in which our fans have developed.

Fausto was not a friend of eulogies and I would not like to be the one who makes him frown for the first time in this new stage of his existence. However, I consider it very pertinent to highlight with this sad occasion the aspects of his personality and his life that I consider have most benefited our fans, to fix them in the memory of those who knew him and, above all, to serve as guidance to those who did not. they were so lucky.


Fausto belonged to the small group of pioneers who opened the path that we are all following in the XNUMXs, giving the movement in favor of the old vehicle the form, breadth and meaning that it has today. His merit is not only in having felt this hobby before others, but in being actively, persistently and generously committed to spreading and strengthening it. He began that path by discreetly leaving cards on the windshields of every classic car he came across, he continued to co-found and coordinate the activity of the company for many years. AECD and did not abandon him until his illness prevented him from continuing to serve in the influential RACE Foundation, which he came to represent before FIVA

The main tools that allowed him to successfully navigate this long journey were none other than his exquisite education and his firm belief in the benefits of teamwork, for whose coordination he was especially gifted. His conciliatory spirit and his constant encouragement and support for any good initiative, always managed to join forces and create bridges of collaboration with other related entities. An attitude that is very common in other countries and that it would be desirable if it also became general in ours.


I do not want to finish this obituary without making a deserved recognition –as Don Fausto would surely like- to those other people who shared illusions, merits and efforts with him from the beginning. Some have already left us, such as Jaime Parser (RIP), president of the TR Register Club and co-founder of the AECD; o Julio de Santigo, among other things director of the magazine Classic Cars; others, such as Pedro Goyoaga or Beatriz Gómez-Acebo seem to have distanced themselves from our fans in recent years, although we do not lose hope of seeing them again. Fortunately, there are also those who follow in the gap, like Francisco Pueche or Julián Mendieta (and we hope for many years).

To all of them, a thousand thanks for having directed our fans well.


[alert type = 'info'] Note: Fausto Saavedra's funeral will take place in the Jesuit Church
(C / Serrano, 104 - Madrid), next January 23 at 20:00 p.m. [/ alert]



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Sergio Romagosa

Written by Sergio Romagosa

Sergio Romagosa designed in 1988 the first special Spanish insurance for classic and vintage vehicles. Likewise, in 1996 he founded "La Escudería", the first Hispanic portal for lovers of historic vehicles. He made his hobby his profession, and in his garage we can find from a Lancia Gamma Coupé to a Morgan Three Wheeler. A recalcitrant optimist, for him our precious pots are a cultural heritage that must be preserved and defended as such.


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