For sale this Siata Formichetta in search of a careful restoration

The Formichetta is one of the most curious - and rare, really rare - examples of all national production. Now this unit has just appeared for sale on Wallapop.

Counting all the versions -combined, standard and special-, Javier Navarro's book Our Industrial Classics 1950-1990 indicates about 5.800 units produced from the Siata Formichetta. A figure with which we can now classify this van derived from the SEAT 600 as a rare model but which, in addition, turns out to be even more so due to the small number of survivors.

In the end, another example of something we usually talk about here at La Escudería: how badly time - and private collections - have treated the preservation of industrial vehicles in Spain.

This fact sometimes makes it more complex to contemplate a Fadisa-Romeo or one of these simple Siata Formichetta than to come across a Ferrari from the eighties or even the occasional Hispano-Suiza. So things, the appearance in Wallapop of this unit -which still has the engine- turns out to be a real event for depending on which collectors and restorers.

And, with just a glance, it is easy to see how whoever ends up getting this little classic must work hard in each and every one of its aspects. However, the work will be worth it since, we insist, it is not easy to find an available example of the Siata Formichetta even counting cases as rusty as this one.


Quickly reviewing the market for this industrial version derived from the 600, we saw how we had not seen something similar for years. What's more, speaking with owners and specialized collectors they have always defined the purchase of their Formichetta as well as an arduous detective path, either as an example of good luck or as a mixture of both situations.

Furthermore, depending on how we get into the restoration of one series or another things get complicated Well, while in the last ones Siata mounted the taillights of the popular 850, in the first ones it opted for rectangular lights produced by Yorka.

The Siata Formichetta preserved by SEAT in Filming is a good reflection of the magnificent condition that the unit offered in Wallapop could reach with the necessary restoration. Image: SEAT in Filming.

But we insist, it is well worth the restoration effort If what we have in mind is the rescue of one of these vans. As illogical at the time - having the engine in the rear position is not at all practical for access to the cargo area as well as for its own capacity - as it is charming today.

In short, we already discussed it extensively in our article dedicated to the Siata Formichetta - in magnificent condition like the rest of the collection - guarded by SEAT on the road.

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

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