More details of the Pegaso exhibition at Retromobile Paris 2015

Classic Cars magazine tests a Pegaso Z-102

British magazine Classic Cars (June 2016), has just published an interesting article on Pegasus. This is the authentic road test of a Z-102 Touring and not a simple catalog of studio photos without starting the engine, which is what magazines have us used to.

True, there are not many car owners Pegaso sports cars that they are willing to leave their car keys to a couple of journalists for a whole day to proceed as they please.

Pegasus on the cover, top right

The article, in which I have been able to intervene closely, originated in February 2015 in the Pegasus exhibition of Rétromobile, when the editor of Classic Cars He visited our booth and I suggested the publication of an exclusive article on Pegasus.

The difficulty lay precisely in finding an owner willing to hand over the keys to his car, demonstrating a blind trust both in the good condition of the car and in its mechanical reliability.

Having found such an owner, as kind as he is enthusiastic about living in all its facets the Pegasus adventure, the editor of Classic Cars He traveled to Spain with a professional photographer who has made a beautiful photo report.

A proof of Pegasus Z-102 to be preserved

Having had the opportunity to contribute my comments to the manuscript, I have not hesitated (among other minimal brushstrokes that readers will recognize from my pen) in mentioning the Italian engineers who collaborated in the project Z-102, in particular the brothers Aldo and Ettore Pagani.

The article is also interesting, apart from the exhaustive road test of a Z-102, because it is the last time that the car will be seen with that color on its bodywork, since it is currently in the process of being restored.

I recommend that do not miss the publication in question, it will be one of the historical ones worth keeping in your archives after having enjoyed reading it.

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Written by mario laguna

Mario Laguna, author of the book "The Pegaso Adventure", scholar and observer of the history of motor racing, brands and characters. Regular visitor to automobile competitions, whether of current or historical categories, international contests of elegance, lecturer ... Read More

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