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The magazine «Auto Inedito» is born

During these months, a new magazine dedicated to vintage vehicles has gradually taken shape. Is about Unpublished Car, research publication that every two months it will deal in detail with a specific topic in the History of the Spanish automotive industry. Thus, it will dedicate its first two issues to the Emelba brand, in its different facets.

Auto Inédito is made in DIN A4 format and consists of around 50 full-color pages in a 130 grammage, together with its 300 glasofonated covers. It can be purchased at the price of twelve euros plus shipping costs by requesting it at the email address, or through the LibroMotor bookstores in Madrid and Barcelona. Soon it will also be distributed by

Apart from the central theme, number 1 includes an article on Seat 127 and a platform by the journalist José Luis Cortijos. Finally, we attach a series of images so that our readers can learn about the style and layout, as well as we wish the nascent publication the best of luck.


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Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

My name is Javier Romagosa. My father has always been passionate about historic vehicles and I have inherited his hobby, while growing up among classic cars and motorcycles. I have studied journalism and continue to do so as I want to become a university professor and change the world ... View all


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