The death of Ramón Roca leaves a big hole in national motorsport

With the death of Ramón Roca this past December, Spanish motor racing lost one of its best chroniclers. Always focused on context and detail, his meticulous investigations had as an object of study brands such as Barreiros or SEAT, also standing out in his work as a columnist for various media.

With the arrival of the new year we think of more news and possible articles. But also in those professionals who have been left behind during the past 2021. One of them has been Ramón Roca. Thorough researcher of national motorsport and collaborator in various media such as Classic Motor, 8000 Vueltas, Motor Classics and even -once- this same newspaper with a report on the R8 PHASE. Also His eagerness to study and disseminate was reflected in the lectures that he repeatedly offered. Being one of the most loved and respected members of the RACE Cultural Foundation since he joined it back in 1990.

An active presence in the world of classic motors, which he combined with his work as a specialist in occupational medicine. All this until last December 17th he passed away in Lugo at the age of 72, leaving behind a huge gap between family, friends and classic motor fans loyal to their publications. With regard to digital, his best known work is the one he developed for eleven years in 8000 Vueltas. Portal in which you leave a great collection of items full of objectivity and verified data.

Qualities that he established in the magnificent documentary collection that he had created over time. Getting to collect more than 15.000 magazines along with hundreds of posters, manuals and all kinds of documents. In this way, Ramón Roca not only happens to be one of the key disseminators for the national engine. But also one of its best and most constant documentary filmmakers, always placing special emphasis on context in the articles. Something that he captured in his three books. Inserting the qualities of each model in the general lines of its time to better understand the history of national motorsport.


Beyond the periodicals, the truth is that publishing books on motorsport in Spain can be a complicated undertaking. A fact that Ramón Roca experienced in the first person. Who released his first solo book in 2006 focusing on the history of SEAT. Brand whose trajectory was shelled with a multitude of data, explanations about its business development and some five hundred illustrations in which it continues to be one of the best books to understand the company and its models. Furthermore, Ramón Roca's work for SEAT continued with the publication of a monograph of the 850 within the Vehicles of Always collection of the publishing house Benzina.

A reference publication for any fan of the popular model, the section dedicated to special versions being also very interesting. After this detailed walk through the history of SEAT, the latest book of Ramon Roca It was The History of the Automobile in Spain. A book that, far from making an encyclopedic review of the national industry, focused on 20 key units for national history. A fundamental selection in which Barreiros creations were not lacking. Company in which Ramón Roca focused his interests when, together with Pablo Gimeno, he published Los Dodge Españoles in 1997.

Another of the investigations bequeathed to the history of motorsports in Spain, making this motoring enthusiast a reference for readers, fans and journalists. For all this, we regret your loss despite knowing that its presence will continue to live in the sector for a long time. At the end of the day, just before writing this little text we found ourselves comparing data with one of his articles for reference. And it is that Ramón Roca has not only left a great void between his loved ones, but also a rigorous work for motor researchers in Spain.

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