rally festival trasmiera 2017

Rallye Festival Trasmiera: Something to remember

Text: Carlos Sanz / Photo: Anchoafoto

One more year, between May 25 and 27, the Trasmiera Festival Rally. It is the classic rally car event; if not the most important at a competitive level, it is the most attractive of those that are summoned on this side of the Pyrenees and, even, we dare to affirm that it is one of the best on the other side as well.

Yes, it is necessary to clarify: When we talk about rally cars we refer to the golden age of this specialty, from the late 60s to the dawn of our century. If we had to talk about previous times, any of the countries around us would give us a thousand turns.

But we are going to stop complexities and begin to boast of what is a fact: that in Spain, in just five years, the Escudería Rallye Legend Cantabria has been able to organize a great event at all levels.

Site. The Trasmiera region, in Cantabria, is a privileged enclave for the practice of sports car racing, having a lot of kilometers of wonderful regional roads with a perfect layout and that run through dreamlike places.

Institutional support. They have managed to involve the administrations, both at the regional and municipal level, something essential to call a show of this magnitude. It is not an easy task in these times and, if not, by way of example, ask whoever has sought support from the city council when organizing a motor event in recent years in Barcelona or Madrid.

Security. It is fair to acknowledge the enormous effort made by the organizers in this regard, even though we are aware that there is no zero risk in a rally. No means have been spared in perfectly marking the entire route, as well as in extreme vigilance so that no spectator is placed in a dangerous place.

International recognition. They have managed to attract a lot of teams. More than 160, of which about fifty are foreigners and, most importantly, of great relevance because participants with extraordinary units (including many Group B cars) arrived at Trasmiera, many of them former officers of legendary drivers. This was the case of Carlos Sainz's Ford Escort WRC, Colin McRae's Subaru Imprezza WRX Gr.A, Juha Kankkunen's Peugeot 205 T16 or Markku Alen's Lancia 037 and Fabrizio Tabatón's, among other gems.

Great protagonists. In addition to the extraordinary list of participants, many of them with a long history in these events, notable and well-known figures from the world of motorsport have been invited. This year pilots of the stature of Emilio de Villota, Harri Toivonen, brother of the late Henri, and Jimmy McRae, father of the unforgettable Colin attended.

And of course, a wonderful hobby. People who support and participate unconditionally with the organization and attend en masse as spectators in all areas of the route, turning Trasmiera into a great party, a great festival.

In May 2016, we already gave you some brushstrokes what this rally means and what happened in its fourth edition through the magnificent images of Unai Ona; so we are not going to extend ourselves any further and we will do the same this year, but not without first recommending to readers not to miss the next call. For the Cantabrians it would be something unforgivable, and for outsiders, a trip to the past that is really worth it.

What do you think?

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I was born in Madrid in 1964, the wrong time and place for a car enthusiast. It is well known that at that time, despite coinciding with the Spanish economic expansion and the car fleet increased considerably, the supply of models was ... View all


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