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«La Escudería» was a pioneer in its sector, the first Hispanic portal dedicated to lovers of historic vehicles. But it is also that, in addition, it was also at the forefront of the internet in our country, when there were barely a few hundred websites. It seems like yesterday that, in April 1996, the magazine "Web" referred to it as one of the best hundred pages in the world on cars.

From then until 2013, it had its moments of glory: a civic platform, an abundant mailing list, a beautiful section of articles… However, those who dealt with it also saw it decline, without time to renew it. Little by little, the aesthetics of "La Escudería" became out of phase, and its number of visits fell. Slowly, it became a classic, as such in need of a complete restoration to restore its original luster.

Well, we have carried it out and here you have the result. We have basically carried out two actions: its aesthetic renovation and the implantation of a new heart, whose fabrics are the first professional virtual publication, in blog format, for fans of classic and vintage vehicles.

Its index is made up of a couple of sections: news, which will be updated, as far as possible, daily; and in-depth articles of the best quality, whose periodicity will be once a week. In addition, other services are offered such as a complete calendar of events, a market or a civic platform for the defense of the rights of the fans, among others.

And yet, our work is just the beginning: now it's up to you, the ones who will truly make "La Escudería" great. To you reader, that you can enjoy its contents and enrich us with your contributions; because we want you to always express your point of view, to tell us what you want, so that we too can learn from you. Please, do not be shy: enter the rag, and even correct us. We will be delighted to continue building our hobby together.

You can rate - rate and vote - the contents of «La Escudería». You can say yours through the comments. You can also vote on the contributions of other users, so that you build your reputation on the site. They, in an environment of respect and good disposition, will determine yours. In addition, you can help us protect the rights of those of us who love vintage vehicles by signing up for the PLEA; Or you can contribute to the calendar or club and link directories.

In short, you can participate in "La Escudería" in a thousand different ways, because this website aims to inform, train and entertain each and every one of the Spanish enthusiasts of vintage vehicles.

Don't forget: We are counting on you.


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