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The pioneers

THE TEAM was a pioneer in its sector, The first digital magazine in Spanish dedicated to lovers of classic cars. But it is also that it was also at the forefront of the internet in our country, when there were barely a few hundred websites. It seems like yesterday when, in April 1996, the magazine Web he referred to it as one of the world's top hundred pages on cars.

From then until 2013, it had its moments of glory: a civic platform, an abundant mailing list, a large section of articles and collaborations... However, those who dealt with it also saw it decline, without time to renew it. Little by little, the aesthetics of THE SQUARE went out of date, and its number of visits was falling. In short, it gradually became a classic, as such in need of a complete restoration to restore its original luster.

So we did. From 2013 we turn the page towards a new era focused on the motor press: News updated daily, in-depth reports from the best firms, services such as an events calendar, club directory, video proofs... And yet, our work was only the beginning; then came the readers -by the hundreds of thousands- who they entered the rag and that with their attention and contributions they contributed to exponentially multiplying our fans. We would be absolutely nothing without our beloved audience, We always ask her to express her point of view, to tell us what she wants, so that we too can continue learning.

Dear reader, you can assess -react and vote- the contents of THE SQUARE. You can say yours through the comments. You can spread the good news on Social Networks. You can help us ensure the rights of those of us who love vintage vehicles by signing up for the PLEA; or you can contribute to the calendar or club directories. In short, you can participate in this magazine in a thousand different ways, because it aims to inform, train and entertain each and every Spanish enthusiast of classic cars (and vintage vehicles in general).

With this philosophy we arrive at 2023, when the opportunity has arisen to continue advancing in our common project. Iván Vicario, ex-director of the traditional magazine Coches Clásicos (which sadly has closed), will lead the team that we leave below to turn LA ESCUDERÍA into the reference publication on classic cars in Spanish.

Our Team

  • Javier Romagosa – Editor

    Graduated in Journalism and an insurance broker specializing in vintage vehicles, he has been practicing both trades since 2005. Thanks to the best pens of the classic motoring press, in 2013 he transformed THE EQUIPMENT and made it what it is today. The important thing is what will be tomorrow... More

  • Iván Vicario Martín new director of THE TEAM

    Iván Vicario – Director

    Former director of the magazine Coches Clásicos, now in charge of THE TEAM. Graduated in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid, Iván Vicario Martín has been dedicated to motor journalism since 2004. With this signing, we strengthen our editorial team on our tenth anniversary... More

  • Miguel Sánchez – Editor

    Intellectual with an easy pen, he feels a weakness for rarely seen cars, rarities and stories yet to be told. Investigate to always have something new in the pipeline. Much of the freshness of THE TEAM is due to his work... More

  • Javier Martin – Editor

    A self-made journalist and writer, he writes for various media and has recently published a new book on the Seat 600. A tireless worker who knows how to perfectly combine the classic and the modern. Tester and occasionally 'stuntman'. Its contents are long and exhaustive, exhaustive and contextualized information to offer a 360º vision... More

  • Antonio Silva – Tester

    Antonio is one of the most active fans in the downtown area. In addition, he has a special talent for telling what it feels like to drive a car, especially if he is a classic. For this reason, and because of his great experience, he is at the controls of our best tests... More

  • Unai Ona – Photographer

    The man who is everywhere. Tireless trigger, with his Nikon D500 he travels the world to attend the best events in the world on classic vehicles. And it doesn't stop, with the magnificent photos of him he records absolutely everything. He also works at home illustrating precious reports… More

  • Alejandro Rubio – Videographer

    Álex has been making professional videos of classics for almost a decade. His hallmarks are plasticity and a taste for detail. In his pieces it is possible to admire the car as a work of art that normally passes through dream roads... More

And our Collaborators, among others…

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