Spirit of Montjuïc: What will we see this year?

During the next days 4 to 6 April the festival will take place at the Circuit de Catalunya Spirit of Montjuïc. Through this It is intended to revive the racing atmosphere of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, with special emphasis on the memory of the urban circuit of Montjuïc, also known as The Magic Mountain.

Since it is going to compete, And much, it is not possible to celebrate the races on the mythical track adjacent to the Fira de Barcelona. Indeed, Espíritu de Montjuïc manages the passage through our country of the FIA ​​Historic Formula 1 Championships, Group C -sport Le Mans prototypes-, touring cars before 1966 and sports cars and GTs before 1963-66, respectively; International competitions that will be seasoned with the Javier del Arco Trophy run by Spanish pilots.

For its part, in Historic F1 races we will be able to see machines manufactured between 1966 and 1980 in action, and in Group C cars lit up in the 60s, 70s and I would say 80. It is, neither more nor less, that of some of the best classics competitions that can be enjoyed today.

Group C and historic F1 will be the heart of the festival (Courtesy of Spirit of Montjuïc)

Special mention deserve the careers of the ECO Series, through which the organizers wish to link past, present and future. If I remember correctly, these tests are run with modern production cars equipped with the latest advances in energy efficiency and alternative fuels. It will work?

One of the characteristics of the races of yesteryear that Espíritu de Montjuïc seeks to recover is the proximity of the public with the drivers and cars. So it should be a lot easier to get closer to both and relive old-fashioned racing. Before the galactization suffered by pilots over the past 25 years, we strongly hope that this will be the case. View of the boxers, photographs, autographs ...

Three anniversaries

Having listed the ingredients for the main dish, let's now move on to the rest of the menu. First of all, a series of activities are planned concerning the centenary of Maserati and the XNUMXth anniversary of the Seat Ibiza.

The Italian brand and its official club will bring the 250F from the Paco Godia Foundation in addition to other cars chaired by the trident banner, while Seat will come with all kinds of Ibiza copies -competition vehicles, prototypes, frame No. 1, etc- and It will bring together the 60 best-preserved units of the previous selection model. The protagonists of both celebrations will parade down the track.

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Official video of the 2013 edition

McLaren will also be present, since last year this living legend of the races turned fifty years old. Apart from a special presence of the brand's cars, Jo Ramírez, the team manager Spaniard who coordinated the McLaren F1 team when the dispute between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna was at its peak.

In another vein, there will be a curious exhibition of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics, drawn by the Belgian Hergé. Ford T, Lancia Aurelia, Citroën 15, 2CV, Volkswagen T1 ... The truth is that the cars that appear in the classics tinkles they are very well chosen and represented. If it were finally set well, the show could be fun.

One more year there will be an elegance contest in which at least twelve shortlisted cars will compete. In previous editions, Pagasos Z-102 and luxurious Mercedes from the 30s were seen, what will the contest bring us this time?

Lancia Flaminia Zagato participant in past editions of the elegance contest

The rest - and the bulk - of the accompaniment will be provided by vintage vehicles prior to 1980 that park in the paddock having previously notified it. The space available for Saturday and Sunday is about 800 vehicles / day, Therefore, since the price of the ticket is lower than if it were to go without the classic, and given the enormous fans that exist in the northeast of our country, I would not be surprised if it was covered. Personally, I hope to see a well-founded rally there.


And speaking of the inputs: The price of general admission is 20 euros on Friday and 25 on Saturday and Sunday. It is possible to purchase a three-day voucher for 60 euros, and also a family pack that includes two adults and two children under 16 for 55 euros / day. Children under 8 years old pass free.

It is a pity that we did not realize that by buying the tickets in advance it was possible to obtain a substantial discount. If the reader decides before tomorrow, he can still get his early ticket with a discount of five euros - if he had bought it before February 28, we would be talking about ten. I apologize on behalf of our digital magazine for this oversight.

Part of the concentration of the paddock will parade along the Barcelona track (Courtesy of Spirit of Montjuïc)

Finally, I would like to mention the possibility of knowing during Espíritu de Montjuïc the pharaonic project of reconditioning the Terramar racetrack, which will include the restoration and soundproofing of the ancient layout, a 15.000 m2 recreational and commercial area, a motor museum, training schools, some one hundred and thirty homes, a hotel ... If it finally materializes, it will be worth seeing, and I hope it will spread as you deserve.

Well… the innovative possibility of renting a classic vehicle and taking it for a ride around Montmeló is also worth mentioning. It is even possible to go out on the track, for a walk, yes. This service is provided by a young and unusual rental company called Drive,
On whose website you can find all the information you need in this regard.

Pin-up girls from the 2012 edition, exits from the time tunnel
Pin-up girls from the 2012 edition, next to a World War II fighter plane

In the paddock and in the sky

And what about what has nothing to do with motorsports but with times that we often long for? Well, to begin with, we have to talk about airplanes: Part of the historical collection of the Museum of Sabadell will be piloted by the aces of the Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya; if it is well resolved, the spectacle in heaven will be worthy of such a qualification.

Likewise, and according to the organization, a vintage village with various antiques stalls, attractions, electric karts, scalextric ... And a circus tent will be erected to entertain the little ones with games and clowns. For the elderly, a dance floor where, apart from moving the skeleton, foxtrot, swing or even tango classes will be taught by a professional academy.

The list of varieties is completed with a vintage soundtrack broadcast and performed live by various musical groups; and also by the many attendees who will not hesitate to come dressed in the finery of previous decades and who will give the replica to the professional actors who will animate the festival, among other incentives.


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