documentary operation impala

Premiere of the documentary «Operation Impala»

On the occasion of the presentation in the Princesa de Madrid cinemas of the documentary by Manuel Garriga "Operation Impala", the concentration of dozens of motorists with their classic machines is expected: Montesa Impalas, Cotas, Vespas of all times, a Royal Enfield, BMW R-100, Ossas, etc. It will be today, Thursday, starting at 7 in the afternoon in the Plaza de los Cubos, in front of the entrance to the projection room.

"Operation Impala" tells of the trip that five Barcelona motorists made in 1962 with the prototype of what would later become the legendary motorcycle of the Montesa brand, the Montesa Impala.

Before the screening, the director will present the documentary -whose version in Spanish has been made possible thanks to Altaya Limited Edition- accompanied by two historical figures of impalism: Xavier Permanyer, Montesa race director, and Manuel Maristany, member of the expedition to Through Africa and author of the eponymous book that narrates the adventure.

After celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, still in top shape - many of them are still in use even as everyday motorcycles - the Impala is back in the limelight with the launch of its 1/5 scale reproduction by Altaya Limited Edition (1.500 units), presented last December at the Auto Retro Show.

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Special pack

It is a truly amazing model, not only for its almost 40 cm in length but also for the balance of proportions and the fidelity with which it reproduces the real Impala down to its smallest details, with operational suspension on both axles, headlights and rear, and actionable controls.

It is not a kit to assemble: it comes completely finished, made of metal and ABS injected plastic, and protected inside a methacrylate urn. A copy of the book Operación Impala by Manuel Maristany, reissued in 2012, and a DVD of the documentary of the same title, also directed that year by Manuel Garriga, is delivered with each motorcycle.

All fans who wish to attend the premiere with their Impala -or a classic motorcycle from the same period-, starting at 19.30pm. will have a reserved and guarded space to park it in the outdoor area, in front of the cinema (the "Plaza de los Cubos"). More information about the product and free invitations to the premiere of the film by clicking here

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Written by Javier Romagosa

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