porsche 911 miniature engine

911: 1 scale 3 engine, what a virguería

Porsche won yesterday the 24 Hours Le Mans for the seventeenth time after just two attempts. Quite a double, leaving a strangely unreliable Audi in third place. However, the German brand is also making headlines these days for the amazing work of a Dutch craftsman ...

Since the relaunch of The Escudería in 2013 we had the opportunity to admire the unique work of Kick it, National manufacturer of miniature engines powered by breath-cutting compressed air. First your tremendous W18 in which he documented the entire production process; then a massive W32 whose contemplation becomes hypnotic.

We believed that this native genius was unique ... Or almost. At the end of March a number of fans from the Netherlands they hung a video in which an anonymous Craftsman - thus, with capital letters - operated a 1: 3 scale Porsche 911 engine built piece by piece by himself. Best of all, the mechanics itself is classic, having been "assembled" 40 years ago to the original blueprints of its older sister.

And yes, it runs on gasoline. I hope you enjoy this wonder.

[su_youtube_advanced https = »yes» url = »https://youtu.be/p1wpi2o1Q2o» width = »700 ″]

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Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

My name is Javier Romagosa. My father has always been passionate about historic vehicles and I have inherited his hobby, while growing up among classic cars and motorcycles. I have studied journalism and continue to do so as I want to become a university professor and change the world ... View all


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