Pontiac GTO For Sale

Pontiac GTO: Flawless American sports car

Description of Pontiac GTO for Sale

Pontiac GTO 400 cui from 1968.

The vehicle has an American license plate. Import duties have been paid.

The GTO was restored in Austria.
The vehicle originally came from New York / USA.

The bodywork was completely removed from the chassis, sanded and painted. All parts of the chassis have been renewed or repaired. Eibach suspension springs and AcDelco shock absorbers were used. All the chassis rubbers were replaced by PU bushings. The front and rear axles were upgraded to GM Performance disc brakes and a Yukon Gear limited-slip differential was installed.

The engine was fully tuned by the Langbauer company and it should break-in and then adjust it if necessary (at this point the engine has run 78 km). The gearbox has also been adjusted. An aluminum radiator as well as a new air conditioning condenser and air conditioning compressor have been installed.

Inside the seats have been reupholstered, the dashboard has been renewed and a new carpet has been installed.

The bodywork has been completely rust cleaned and welded. The sides and floor have been resolved, new fenders and a new hood have been fitted, and the entire vehicle has been painted in the original Verdoro green color.

The lighting system has already been moved to the European version.

All original parts are available.

List of extra original equipment:
AM / FM radio;
black vinyl roof;
hidden headlights;
Hydramatic gearbox;
Hurst gear lever;
power steering;
power brakes;
air conditioning,

In short, a very good restoration and a very nice vehicle.

The car can be viewed and picked up in Graz, Austria. You are welcome to come and examine the car on site before bidding.

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