"The Team in Action" (PLEA) is a civic platform born in early 2006, as a result of the alarm created by a series of actions taken by different public administrations that revealed the need and convenience of mobilizing civil society in defense of the ideas, principles and guidelines for action contained in its founding Manifesto.

Without wishing to be exhaustive, the Platform La Escudería en Acción (PLEA) will focus its activities on the following areas:

[su_dropcap size = »2 ″] 1 [/ su_dropcap] Denunciation and opposition to any action or omission that is detrimental to the conservation, circulation and enjoyment of Classic and Antique Vehicles.

[su_dropcap size = »2 ″] 2 [/ su_dropcap] Promotion of Road Tax Exemption for Classic and Antique Vehicles.

[su_dropcap size = »2 ″] 3 [/ su_dropcap] Defense of the extension to all Classic and Antique Vehicles of the benefits regulated in the Historic Vehicles Regulations.

[su_dropcap size = »2 ″] 4 [/ su_dropcap] Support for any measure aimed at raising awareness among Public Administrations and the community in general about the value and meaning of automobile heritage from other times.

[su_dropcap size = »2 ″] 5 [/ su_dropcap] Support for initiatives aimed at promoting associationism and, in general, for all actions that increase cohesion, organization and cooperation among fans.

This platform is not and does not pretend to be a club or association. It will not directly organize activities with Classic and Antique Vehicles, nor will it provide any other service than presenting a "common front" before Public Administrations (and, if applicable, before private entities) that guarantees the conservation and enjoyment by all of the automobile heritage of other times. Of course, it will always seek the support of these entities, its federation (FEVA / FIVA), the specialized media and citizens in general to achieve its objectives.

We offer you the fruit of many hours of excited work and our willingness to spare no effort to carry out this project. Now only the most important thing is missing: YOUR EXPRESS SUPPORT. Without it, the PLEA will have a harder time achieving its objectives; That is why we ask that, if you share the ideas and concerns contained in our manifesto and you think like us that this is an exceptional opportunity to overcome the drawbacks (few, but real and serious) of our exacerbated individualism, take a minute of your time to register on the platform by filling in the Membership Form.

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