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Opel Manta GTE: Macarrized?


About a year ago We already told you about Roadmantics. A new channel of classics that, due to its filming quality and narrative approach, we could well define as the "Petrolicious Galician". After all this time we have seen their list of reports again, checking with pleasure how they have shown the panorama of classics in Galicia. In fact, we dare to say that his images crossing eucalyptus forests are already a mark of the house. I had already done it before Engine Documents, but with a different approach.

However, we will not be doing a Roadmantics profile today again. In fact, we will focus on a report that we consider interesting for knowing how to put things in their place. We talked about the video they dedicated to Vauxhall Manta GTE. And it this classic from the 80s it is still unfairly undervalued. Something that its owner sums up with the term “macarrized”, By which he points out the black legend that still hangs over a model that served, too many times, as a base for tuners with phosphorite dreams.

However, the truth is that the Opel Manta GTE is a light sports car, with character, rear-wheel drive and an eighties charm that makes many of us follow it with our eyes when we see it go by. Something that we can verify in this filming of Roadmantics, where we are not only shown the history of a model, but also of why its owner decided to rescue it for himself. An owner who, at the beginning of the video, already begins laying the foundations of his choice: "It looked like a racing car."


To understand the history of the Opel Manta, you must first understand the interests of two American giants in Europe. And is that Both Ford and General Motors paid special attention to the European market from the 60s on, developing specific cars for it. In the case of Ford this was done from 1967 with the founding in Cork and Cologne of Ford of Europe. While in General Motors the European landing was organized using Opel as a subsidiary company. They had always been doing it, but let's say it intensified.

opel manta video

Thus, the birth of the Opel Manta is only understood as an attempt by General Motors to hunt down the Ford Capri. Launched in 1968, this "European pony car" it was thought to seduce a market with an audience for sports cars for daily use. Trying to spoil the Michigan party those of Opel presented the Manta in 1970. Then this sports car was born based on the Ascona platform, which replaced the GT for 18 years later to be replaced by the Calibra. On the other side of the ring, Ford had the Capri, something bigger and more powerful.

opel manta video

Through all those years, the Opel Manta added up to three evolutions. In fact, the one we see in the Roadmantics report is a good example of the latter. Possibly the best known and most emblematic, thanks to its design, good performance and excellent commercial outlets. In addition, it was also characterized by tight fuel consumption that matched perfectly with its goal of being a sports car for day-to-day use. Of course, it is now a very interesting option for any regularity rally fan.


The truth is that we agree with what the owner of the Opel Manta GTE recorded by Roadmantics says: this car must be seen. Because, in fact, when you approach it, it gives the feeling of being much heavier than it actually is. Its rear is very well finished, while its elongated front suggests a behavior that, in reality, it does not have. Far from being a heavy car, the Opel Manta GTE only weighs between 1050 and 1110 kilos.

A weight that moves easily thanks to the 2-liter 110hp engine powered by direct injection. In addition, this engine has low-end thrust, so driving the Opel Manta through the steep roads in the video is a pleasure for seasoned drivers. Something that increases when we add rear-wheel drive, which produces a certain oversteer character. Mitigated in any case by the fact that, as a whole, the car is shown "Light, noble and with good sensations".

Anyway, points in favor of the Opel Manta GTE. A car that has been treated unfairly, because if you compare what it offers with market prices ... You realize that eThis fun rear-wheel drive with a marked eighties character has been out of the spotlight for too long. An injustice that the guys at Roadmantics have tried to remedy with this fantastic video that summarizes all the charm of the Opel Manta (B2) GTE. We look forward to more videos like this!

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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