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Opel GSi, under examination in the power bank


About a month ago we had the opportunity to attend one of the meetings of the Club GSi Madrid, dedicated to the models of the German brand from the 80s and 90s. The objective of the meeting on that sunny February morning was to test the mechanics of various GSi units on the power bank of the workshop AutoWorks, in Fuenlabrada.

Kadett, Astra, Corsa, Ascona… The sporty variants of all these models have had a hard life. They have been driven to fire by its owners, and the truth is that the power bank is part of its natural habitat. All of them are going through the inevitable purgatory and it was nice to see the care with which their owners treated them even in a situation like the one we found ourselves.

In original and modified condition, everything could be seen among the machines that gathered in the south-west of Madrid. The place was definitely not for fans of originality; but yes for motorsport enthusiasts and dedicated fans of the classics. It is always a pleasure to see appear to old glories willing to give their all for everything as if they had just come off the assembly line.

GSi Expectation in Fuenlabrada

After the mandatory warm-up, the youngtimer they were entering the workshop. Once correctly positioned on the bench, the operators the 'eninchaban' to then get behind the wheel. Each test was carried out by professionals, who made sure to make the engine perform optimally to record its technical characteristics.

The star data of the day it was the power. Not all of the owners were happy, but most of them were. In general, both the mechanics in original condition and the modified ones reached figures close to what was expected of them, with the occasional Kadett GSi standing out with around 170 CV, among others.

The ritual of the test it was always the same: During the measurement, admiration of the cars and comments on what was expected of them. Once it was finished, the assistants crowded around the screens waiting for the results, which were explained by the AutoWorks operators. After receiving the explanations, they usually faces approval.

The GSi Madrid Club

This club of classics youngtimers 'cañeros' was founded in 2007 and its epicenter it is a web forum in which there are around 600 registered users. With more than 9.000 followers in social networks, the usual meetings are around 100 active members, some of whom did not hesitate to put their machines on the AutoWorks power bank.

The outputs of the Club GSi Madrid they do not follow a fixed pattern, their members improvise as they go to organize at least one every three months; and in any case they point to what comes out. They meet every Thursday to chat at the agreed place, a healthy habit that keeps them together.

Although it bears the acronym GSi in its DNA, the club is defined rather by the Opels of the 80s and 90s. They accept any model of the German brand that was sold at that time and do not reject anyone who wants to accompany them on their outings with a classic from another brand or period. Once or twice a year, the Club GSi Madrid organizes closed-group batches at the Jarama circuit, something that undoubtedly suits their cars. Finally, they celebrate their anniversary between September and October, at which time they organize a special event.

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Javier Romagosa

Written by Javier Romagosa

My name is Javier Romagosa. My father has always been passionate about historic vehicles and I have inherited his hobby, while growing up among classic cars and motorcycles. I have studied journalism and continue to do so as I want to become a university professor and change the world ... View all


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