morgan ev3 electric

Morgan 3 Wheeler, now electric

Morgan wanted to be the protagonist of the International Geneva Motor Show with his new proposal: the Morgan EV3.

His artisan spirit and his passion for motorsport has led to the combination of the electric version of the Morgan 3 Wheeler, with the same spectacular image, slight nuances, lighter weight and a rear electric motor that replaces the front Harley Davidson V-Twin.

The Morgan EV3 thus becomes the first electric model of the brand, with 62 horsepower mechanics and autonomy to be able to enjoy 240 km without loading the car.

In the beginning, electric batteries can add to the weight of any car. Morgan wanted to solve this problem by building the car with carbon fiber and aluminum panels so it has lost weight 25 kg compared to its predecessor.

In addition, the classic three-wheeler has acquired benefits such as going from 0 to 100 in less than 9 seconds and achieving a maximum speed of 145 km / h. The chassis that this car has is tubular and its traction, rear.

Morgan EV3, an electric whim

We could already see a first electric model of the Morgan 3 Wheeler which was presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, although its true coming-out is estimated to be earlier this month.

The price of uniting Morgan's own craftsmanship, efficiency and respect for the environment will be around 33.000 euros.

In addition, thanks to the scenario that the Geneva Motor Show, have announced that they will have a 6 million pound grant from the British Government to continue developing hybrid and fully electric cars. Another classic brand that is committed to evolution without losing its roots.

So that you can see the car in motion, we leave you with the promotional video that has been launched Morgan for this new 'three wheels' EV3.

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Lucia Andrade

Written by Lucia Andrade

Student of Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising, lives between Cuenca and Madrid. He is a lover of the classics by the work and grace of his father, who owns nothing more and nothing less than a precious Simca 1000 ... View all


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