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MOMA adds a Fiat 500 to its Collection

And famous Museum of Modern Art from New York (MOMA) he has acquired a Fiat 500F 'Berlina' for his permanent collection. The most popular version of the 500, produced between 1965 and 1972, is an example of functionality and economy and construction logic, as well as being supported by the belief that quality design should be accessible to everyone.

The production of small utilities such as Fiat 500, solid and reliable, it was essential to motorize Europe after World War II and particularly Italy. This pellet symbolizes many of the principles that dominated modern design in the mid-XNUMXth century and connects with other themes discussed in the museum's collection.

On its 60th anniversary, the Fiat 500 (1957-1975) is an icon; like the Seat 600 in Spain, it is one of those cars that is simply something more than that. Popularly known as Five hundred, The Nuova 500 was designed by the genius Dante Giacosa who joined Fiat in 1927 and was responsible for the first 500 Topolino and, later, such attractive models as the Fiat 850.

Compact, with a tiny rear engine, the Five hundred it was conceived as an inexpensive car for the masses; It happens like the Mini: although on the outside it is small, on the inside it is huge. On the other hand, and among other really smart elements, its fabric roof provides you with an element of luxury that hides the prevailing shortage of steel in its time.

In 1965 the model was updated with conventional opening doors and precisely a unit of this second series is the one that has incorporated the MOMA to your collection.

El MOMA has always attached importance to automotive design, as evidenced by its multiple exhibitions from 1951 and the rest of the units in its car collection: a Cisitalia 202, a Jeep truck, a Volkswagen Beetle, a Porsche 911, a Jaguar E , a 1 F1990 Ferrari and a 1998 Smart. Keep it up!

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