Mini Shelby Cobra «Freitas»

A few weeks ago we were talking about a very special little Aston Martin and today we are going to meet a toy Shelby Cobra made by the Portuguese designer Ernesto Freitas. This is a gift for your son, who must certainly feel very lucky.

Actually, Freitas not only wanted to please her little one, but also take on the challenge of building a car of this type from scratch, doing all the work himself.

This little Cobra is three meters long and 1,3 meters wide, weighing about 250 kilograms. It runs a 50 cc, 7 hp gasoline engine with an electric start system, and can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour; that is, about 40 km / h through its rear-wheel drive and CVT transmission with reverse gear.

The car also has a tubular chassis, with independent suspension on both axles and a fiberglass body. The 10-inch rims mount real tires. Finally, both the hood and the doors and windows are fully functional, with the interior showing two leather seats that look to hold quite well.

Its creator plans to manufacture more units to market them, even in an electric version, at a price of $ 22.000 or, what is the same, 16.000 euros.

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Johanna betermi

Written by Johanna betermi

Johanna Betermi is a Dominican based in Madrid. He graduated in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo, later obtaining a state scholarship for academic excellence that allowed him to study the Master of Television Journalism ... View all


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