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The best tools for mechanics

Do you like working on your car? We leave you a list of essentials ...

tools for mechanics

Mechanics can buy their tools at, an online store of Dutch origin that is aimed at both professionals and DIY enthusiasts with a very wide range of tools, but above all focused on quality.

In this online store, mechanical professionals will find all the equipment they need to work and they can also ask for advice, because unlike other places, in this store there are professional advisers who know the product well.

Makita impact driver

Makita is one of the most recognized brands of power tools by professionals, and among them its range of cordless tools is among the best in the world.

An impact driver cannot be missing in a mechanical workshop, as there are some screws that it is almost impossible to loosen with hand tools, in addition to that the worker cannot waste time removing the screws little by little.

Makita impact drivers are ideal for this job, since the absence of a cable means that they can be put anywhere and it is also easy to transport, something that a simple hook helps that allows it to be hung from the belt of job.

Milwaukee cordless impact wrench

The Milwaukee brand is well known to those who wear professional tools daily for its quality.

This time we are going to name its cordless impact wrenches, which are similar to the impact driver, but for the harder nuts.

It is used for all types of nuts that are not easy to remove, such as those on wheels in which it saves a lot of time and effort to the mechanics.

It is also connected to the Internet, thanks to which we can see where the tool is at all times, which helps a lot to prevent it from being stolen.

Wera key set

Socket wrench sets or briefcases as they are known in the world of mechanical hobbyists are another element that is always present in workshops.

In Fixami they have brand tools aimed at amateurs or others like Wera, which are aimed at professionals.

Although there are many power tools in the workshop, such as the ones we have seen before, with them you cannot get everywhere and you always have to have a set of socket wrenches that are resistant to wear and tear, like those of the Wera brand.

Fluke multimeter

A multimeter from a well-known brand, such as Fluke, always has to be handy in machine shops.

These professionals have to deal with many electrical breakdowns and with the multimeter they can be located right away.

It can be used to check the status of a battery, see if the alternator is charged, check if a sensor has current, etc.

Bott Tool Cart

Where do we keep the tools that we have been seeing? In a tool trolley like one of the Bott brand, of proven quality, with wheels, a work surface, drawers of different sizes and a compartment for large tools.

Mechanics need many tools and because of how cars have evolved, they can only work with the best. In Fixami have them and also offer several brands of proven quality with very attractive prices.

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