M3 E30 Redux

M3 E30 Redux. Restomod with turbo included


Do you remember the news a few weeks ago about what is possibly the last chassis "virgen”Of an M3 E30? It appeared in Dallas, and from what one of our readers told us, it seems that it had already found an owner. One owner with assembly project included. We will not lose sight of what may come out of there. It is surely interesting considering the passion that the BMW M3 E30 awakens in mechanical fans.

We don't yet know if that North American enthusiast is setting out to build a factory-spec M3 E30 or… Whether he'll be tempted to make his own mark in restomod form. For now what we do know is that the british company Redux has opted for the latter. In fact, they had been announcing it since mid-2015.

Four years have passed, but we can finally see what his restomod looks like made from the M3 E30. Although improving this myth of the touring car championships seems complicated, the truth is that Redux it has done a spectacular job in aspects such as rigidity and electronics. The S14 engine has also suffered alterations, incorporating a new element that perhaps squeaks to some. Let's see what the guys from Redux have done.


The history of the S14 engine is amazing. And it is that far from being the product of a careful and slow study ... Your engine block was created in the wild! Spurred by the calendar the engineer Paul Rosche took out the radial and amputated two of its six cylinders from the M88. This is how this rabid engine arose that, when taken to the maximum in the preparations for the DTM, delivered almost 400CV.

A real outrage for a car as light as the M3 E30, even more so if we take into account that to render that power the S14 had to be tuned to the maximum. The result is that, to roll at that level, this atmospheric thruster has to be under constant care.

The solution for one more use "Street" it would be leaving the S14 at its standard specs. With them it gave from 197 to 238CV depending on the version. However ... The Redux folks had an idea. What if we put a turbo? Obviously right now more than one purist will be pulling their hair, but what the British company proposed was not a restoration but a modification.

After expanding the displacement to 2 liters and incorporating a new BMW Motorsport crankshaft, the addition of the turbo takes the M3 E30 Redux up to 396CV. And all this complying with current environmental standards even in the US Not bad ... Of course, substantially changing the original approach of the S14 engine. Is there a new debate between the turbo and the purely atmospheric? It looks like it is.


Once the engine of the M3 E30 Redux has such a blast of power, it is obvious that many other elements have been altered to bring the set up to par. In principle one thing has to be clear: each and every donor M3 E30 that Redux plans to work with will be disassembled piece by piece as soon as they arrive at the workshop. From there, many elements will be reinforced, going through weld the safety cage to the chassis.

The suspensions will also be renewed, receiving an adjustment developed by EXE-TC Competition. The aluminum wheels in the style of the DTM M3 hide a new disc brake system with 330mm diameter. The new electronics that manage the car prevent the instrument panel from having the classic clocks, having been replaced by a digital display.

The gearbox will also be renewed, giving the M3 E30 Redux a manual transmission with 5 very low gears. And the interior is very personal, although the combination of original plastics with alcantara on the steering wheel and leather on the sports seats looks just right. A perfect finish for this restomod that, while respecting the essence of the car, takes this myth of sportsmanship to new heights. Very interesting this M3 E30 Redux ...

To finish, we leave you our Video of the M3 E30 😉

What do you think?

Miguel Sánchez

Written by Miguel Sánchez

Through the news from La Escudería, we will travel the winding roads of Maranello listening to the roar of the Italian V12; We will travel Route66 in search of the power of the great American engines; we will get lost in the narrow English lanes tracking the elegance of their sports cars; We will speed up the braking in the curves of the Monte Carlo Rally and we will even get dusty in a garage while rescuing lost jewels.


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