New book, «Lancia Coupé and HPE: The forgotten ones of SEAT»


Since my childhood I was passionate about the car firm Lancia. I began to be interested in its history, perhaps influenced by reading an article about Lancia Fulvia written precisely by Sergio Romagosa and published in the first issues of Classic Engine.

In 1993, my father bought a magnificent Lancia HPE made in Spain by SEAT. This fact was a shock to me, increasing to unsuspected limits my passion for the Turin brand and the desire to obtain more information about its history in our country, making me compile all the few articles or reports that I could find.

At that time, not everything was as easy as going to an Internet search engine and having the information with a single mouse click ...

About 5 years ago I decided to make the dream that motivates this press release come true: write a book dedicated to the Lancia Coupé and HPE cars manufactured by SEAT in our bull hide.

Cover of the book, finally published in DIN A4 format and at a price of 35 euros plus VAT


Finally, privately and without any kind of support or financial aid, this project has seen the light in the form of a publication in DIN A4 format entitled "Lancia Coupé and HPE: The forgotten of SEAT".

292 pages, 14 chapters and 4 annexes with supplementary data and numerous black and white photographs, except one of them in full color with images of Lancia Coupé and HPE owners.

In the first part of this work We can learn about the vicissitudes that made possible the birth of the Lancia Beta family in Italy, with all its Berlina, Trevi, Coupé, HPE, Spider and Montecarlo versions.

Thus we will understand the vital importance that the model had both in the economic and technical fields for the survival of the Turin brand in the 70s and early 80s.

Nor do we forget to tell the story of the Lancia Gamma, an interesting luxury car whose Coupé variant is timeless in design.

Lancia HPE. At the top, the Coupé variant
Lancia HPE; at the head, the Coupé variant. They are part of SEAT's history

In the second part of the book we will focus on the history of the Lancia Coupé and HPE in Spain: its manufacture, its official presentation, opinions of the motor press of the time, driving impressions, advice when buying a copy or the technique used, in other aspects.

The emotional section, for me very important, also has its place in this work since the lancistas will tell us the history of their cars.

The price of this Bible dedicated to the Lancia Coupé and HPE is 35 euros plus VAT, and can be ordered at the following email address:

Also, you can see more details of the book in the following blog:

Its official presentation will be at the Club Lancia España stand, during the Madrid ClassicAuto Show, which will be held on February 21, 22 and 23, 2014.
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<br>• Tribute to a lancista
<br>• Lancia Gamma Coupé, the last of the line

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Written by Miguel Angel Eagle

Content written by Miguel Ángel Águila, fervent lancista and author of the book “Lancia Coupé and HPE: The forgotten ones of SEAT”. He also edits the research journal "Unpublished Car".


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