Book: 24 Hours of Le Mans

Macadam presents 24 hours in Le Mans, the reissue of the classic motor and adventure narrative originally published in France in 1955 by Jean-Albert Grégoire.

In the peaceful countryside of Le Mans, every year the world changes for a day. The most powerful cars come together on a Saturday in June to compete in the ultimate test of speed and endurance: 24 hours.

In 1954, the Maller team has come to Le Mans to compete with the most avant-garde car of its time: the Maller turbine, a racing car propelled through the air.

[quote align = 'right'] »Don't let your imagination take you away from the race for a single moment ...» [/ quote]

Roger Giraud, A young and promising pilot, beset by heartbreak and bitterness, will be in charge of mastering the spirit of this unusual machine. He will drive day and night, rain or shine, he will fight against the traps of the circuit, against mechanical failures and against the will of his opponents.

Before him, the long night of Le Mans; before him 4.000 kilometers of race; but also Nicole's eyes, those blue eyes, that could be overshadowed to the abyss ...

Gregoire, versed in the field


The author of 24 Hours of Le Mans is Jean-Albert Grégoire (Paris, 1899 - 1992). The front-wheel drive and the Tracta gasket were just two of his many contributions to motorsports. JA Grégoire he was a visionary engineer and a great humanist. He graduated from the Polytechnique, the prestigious French engineering school, and raced at Le Mans between 1927 and 1930. He wrote books on automobile history and engineering, as well as works of fiction and mystery.

Among his creations is a revolutionary turbine car, A prototype that he transformed into a "character" in this exciting novel, where fiction and reality intertwine to experience the vertigo of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Limited edition. For sale on May 4 in the best bookstores and in the Macadán website.

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