fire engine land rover for sale

Love at First Sight: Land Rover Fire Engine

Description of the Lot

Built on January 18, 1951 and delivered on January 26, 1951 in King & Harper, Cambridge.

Converted to a fire engine in the early 1950s by the Cambridge Marshall Company, a specialist in equipping special vehicles, it was probably used as an emergency vehicle on an airfield near Cambridge. 2-liter gasoline engine, truck cabin, 3 seats with closed pick-up cabin.

Equipment: Godiva pump with nominal 200 l / min pumping (never tested) driven by central PTO, 40 gallon emergency water tank, 2 exhaust pipes, 3 hoses, 2 wicker filters, 2 metal filters. It was restored in 2011 by the English specialist Mike Rivett. It arrived in Italy on October 17, 2011, with original English documents (V5), no neck was registered because it was used for club rallies such as the Cortina 2012, at which point it reached the refuge on the hill of Averau at 2500 meters in the group of 5 Torri.

Exhibited at various events, including Milano Autoclassica in 2012, Automotoretrò in Torino 2014 or even as a Christmas showcase car at the biAuto dealer in Torino. It was on the “Series One Club” calendar and was represented by renowned English designer Louise Limb on the 2017 calendar. This car can be viewed and picked up in and around Torino.

Estimated Price: € 23500.00

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